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Celebrities react to Francisca Lachapel’s photo after pregnancy

Francisca Lachapel.

Photo: Francisca Lachapel / Courtesy

In support of and proud of the bravery of Francisca Lachapel celebrities react to the photo that the beloved Dominican published of how she looks after pregnancy, to announce that she is ready to find the body she wants again.

The sincere message aroused all kinds of comments, most of them positive and encouraging, including many celebrities who sent messages of support in his new stage.

Who is it? Ana Patricia Gámez, Jomari Goyso, Carolina Sandoval, Quique Usales, Satcha Pretto, Natti Natasha, Chef Yisus Díaz, Clarissa Molina, Elyangelica González, Chiquis Rivera, Karla Monroig and even her own husband, Francesco Zampogna, among many.

Check out some of the messages below:

“This is how other women are empowered !! Breaking the stereotype and being real even if society doesn’t like reality !!! 🙌 love u very proud of you !!! ”, Jomari Goyso.

“It is a process, enjoy it, be patient, you created a wonderful being who when you least think will tell you I love you Mom ❤️ I know you and I know you will be the same or better than before !!”, Ana Patricia Gámez.

“You will see how quickly you forget insecurities as your love grows and grows. I love you very much my @francisca ”, Satcha Pretto.

“Proud. You are a madrassa, nothing more beautiful than enjoying your process. And each process, especially that of motherhood, is unique, individual, unforgettable, special. Embracing your body, accepting it at this stage is a response in gratitude to all that your body has done for you; and one of the things was to give Genaro fruit and life. You are one of mine. This body and the previous one @francisca are summer bodies. I love you ❤️ ”, Astrid Rivera.

“You are divine and as you say Genaro is a blessing!”, Quique Usales.

Go, you can do it !!!!! Congratulations because you have the best title in the world, which is being a mom! Enjoy your body so even that you will miss it. It is the most beautiful process in the universe ”, Natti Natasha.

“I want advice from you … Because I’ve seen you do it over and over again ❤️ And now with that motivation and that super power of being a mom, I do not even want to imagine what you are capable of doing! I go to you! Tqm ”, Chef Yisus.

Daleeeee my Fran !!!!! ❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏 my total admiration !!! 😍 ”, Clarissa Molina.

“You Perfect and blessed, the rest is part of the process … my best suggestion is that you do NOT listen to anyone who comes to say things without empathy and that you focus on what is important… and you know that you are beautiful in any way ❤️❤️❤️ ”, Carolina Sandoval.

“The least you need is advice. ANDYou are a woman of integrity, a fighter, who knows what she wants and goes for it, who does not give up in the face of adversity. A resilient mother, without complexes, conscious and a fan of yourself with humility. You have the will that many lack even if they are easy to speak. So we will see the results of this journey that will very surely be successful, just like you. I love you, I applaud you and I hug you my Fran ❤️ ”, Elyangelica González.

“Quiet!! When I had my twins, I had 150 pounds left on my body. It cost me blood, but we real warriors get it all what we propose. You are a barbaric warrior and I know that you will achieve it at your own pace. Amen !! 🙏🙏❤️💕❤️ ”, Charytín Goyco.

“EYou are beautiful now and forever Fran. Admirable! Enjoy the process and your doll. Sometimes we feel that “social pressure” to look thin shortly after giving birth without realizing that the reflection in the mirror does not define who we are as human beings. One day at a time ”, Karla Monroig.

“👏👏👏👏 beautiful !!!!”, Chiquis Rivera.

“Power!! 🔥❤️💪🏽 ”, Francesco Zampogna.

“I imagine that like me, there are many other women who when giving birth do not feel safe with the transformation of the body. The doctor already told me that I can go back to my normal life and exercise so, today I start this challenge that will not be easy, but I’ll do my best! You know me! 💪🏽

To all the moms today I say that more than ever I understand them in many things and I admire them! Happy day! I accept any advice! “, it was part of the message that Francisca shared more than a month after having Gennaro.

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