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Celta delves into the Alavés crisis

For Celta de Vigo, the first half was enough in Vitoria to beat Deportivo Alavés 1-3 in a great start to the match for the Galicians who scored the three goals in the first 20 minutes in which Manuel Agudo “Nolito”, Iago Aspas and Santi Mina They took advantage of the opponent’s mistakes to prevail, despite playing with one less practically the entire second half.

In this way, the people of Vigo approach European positions, while the people of Vitoria closed the day as colistas after accumulating seven games without winning.

The accumulation of errors and the lack of forcefulness condemned the Basques, who did not have the ability to react to staging and Galician speed in a great first half.

The Celtiñas were left with ten players at the start of the second half for the expulsion of Jeison Murillo, but not even so the locals managed to get into the game and put pepper to a stake with a clear blue color. Only a goal from Frenchman Florian Lejeune in the final stretch encouraged the Alavesistas, but it was too late.

The albiazules gave the first warning to the celestial with an internment by band of Ximo Navarro after a good combination with the Uruguayan Facundo Pellistri, who could not finish the Granada defender.

But a serious local error in the exit of the ball 8 minutes after starting was taken advantage of by Celta, who with good pressure planted in the area and Iago Aspas delivered the goal to Manuel Agudo “Nolito”.

The 0-1 fell like a slab on a hopeful Alavés who paid dearly for his inaccuracies. This happened in the 15th minute with a new Galician recovery that ended in goal by Iago Aspas, which he resolved in hand-to-hand before the departure of Fernando Pacheco.

The slime foxes did not wrinkle and they eagerly sought the rival goal as soon as they received the second goal. Luis Rioja appeared there to score the first Albiazul goal, but he met Iván Villar.

With Alavés overturned, the Vigo sentence practically arrived in a sudden counterattack. Brais Méndez arrived before the midfielders to a ball that ended up in the boots of Iago Aspas, who put the third in Santi Mina’s boots 20 minutes after the crash.

When the locals wanted to realize they were very far from the Celtinas. They paid for their lack of forcefulness with just one foul in this initial stretch of the game and succumbed to the speed of the visitors.

Luis Rioja was the most active in the attack zone, but he was one of those indicated by “Pitu” who changed the left wing before the break with the departure of the Sevillian and Rubén Duarte from Almería, who gave their space to Javi López and Édgar Méndez.

The Basque team had a set-piece foul, but it was already broken and needed a break to rebuild, although a new local error in the ball exit gave Celta another opportunity at the edge of the break, which crashed the ball into the right post from the Alava goal.

Abelardo’s men tried to cut the distance at the start of the second round, but Rodrigo Battaglia could not direct the header after a corner kick on the first play of the second half.

Eduardo Coudet’s team was left with ten due to the expulsion of Colombian Jeison Murillo and Alavés, forced by the result, went to look for the rival goal, while Celta waited to surprise the counterattack.

Iván Villar appeared in the 69th minute to avoid the goal of the Basque team with a Frenchman Florian Lejeune’s header shot that was going to the net next to the left post.

Joselu Mato also tried it in individual plays, but the lack of aim prevented the babazorros from getting into a game that got uphill at a fatal start.

A jumbled play allowed him to cut distances to Alavés with a Florian Lejeune’s goal, in forward work, after a double auction. Borja Sainz was able to put fear in the body of the Galicians with another shot in the subsequent play, but the local reaction came late.

– Datasheet:

1 – Deportivo Alavés: Pacheco; Ximo Navarro, Lejeune, Laguardia, Duarte (Javi López, min.35); Pellistri (Córdoba, min.69), Battaglia, Pina (Sainz, min.56), Jota, Rioja (Édgar, min.35); and Joselu.

3 – Celtic: Iván Villar, Hugo Mallo, Murillo, Araújo, Aaron Martín; Tapia, Brais Méndez, Denis Suárez (Kevin, min.80), Nolito (Fran Beltrán, min.56); Iago Aspas (Ferreyra, min.87) and Santi Mina (Fontán, min.56).

Goals: 0-1, m.8: Nolito. 0-2, m.15: Iago Aspas. 0-3, m.20: Santi Mina. 1-3, m.86: Lejeune.

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz (Valencian Committee). He sent off the visitor Murillo for a double yellow (min.54). He also showed a yellow card to the locals Laguardia (min.20), Lejeune (min.52), Navarro (min.65) and Édgar (min85) and to the visitors Aidoo (min.24), Kevin (min.86), Tapia (min.89) and Hugo Mallo (min.93)

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of LaLiga Santander, played without an audience at the Mendizorroza stadium in Vitoria.

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