Monday, August 15

Celta knocks out Alavés and Mendizorroza freezes

Santi Mina and Iago Aspas stopped the streak of the Deportivo Alavés and they gave three valuable points (1-2) al Celtic de Vigo by Eduardo Coudet, who confirmed his improvement in the fifteenth day of LaLiga Santander played at the Mendizorroza stadium and with the snow as a witness.

Santi Mina advanced to the Galicians 11 minutes after starting the clash and shortly after Joselu Mato equalized the contest and put the tables at rest. In the second half, after a post from the Albiazul Mamadou Loum, Iago Aspas put his team ahead after picking up the rejection of the penalty that he himself launched and was stopped by Fernando Pacheco. With this victory, the Galicians once again took a leap in the standings and surpassed Alavés, who saw their streak of five games stopped without losing.

The meeting started very open with arrivals of the two sets and the first clear chance was from Pere Pons at 9 minutes, after a long combination of the Albiazules, which concluded with a good tackle from Martín Aguirregabiria, free of mark to put a ball in the second row, although the Catalan midfielder failed to hit him. power and was caught by Matías Dituro.

Celta went ahead in the subsequent play with a goal from Santi Mina that Fernando Pacheco failed to clear with resounding and which Víctor Laguardia arrived late to get the ball over the line. The duel was very alive and the occasions followed on both sides and the locals did not lose face to the game, although Celta tried to lower the high revolutions with which it began.

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The tie came in the 21st minute after a good break in by Édgar Méndez’s band, Luis Rioja prolonged the canary’s bitten center with a head and Joselu Mato pushed him into the net. The nine albiazul equaled Javi Moreno with this goal, who with 29 goals was the solo Alavés’ all-time top scorer in First Division.

It was a constant give and take in which Celta was little to put Alavesistas in their area, who showed themselves serious and orderly in defensive work. The only scare in the Vitorian defense was given by Víctor Laguardia with a transfer to Fernando Pacheco who caught the Extremadura goalkeeper, who had to close after the ball to clear it and prevent it from sneaking into the local goal. At the end of the break Santi Mina had the opportunity to overtake Celta again, but his shot on goal went over Glorioso’s goal.

The locals came out plugged under the snow in the second half and the set pieces were once again his best ally to bring danger to Matías Dituro’s goal. Senegalese Mamadou Loum crashed the ball into the post after a corner kick after several consecutive kicks by the Basques on the Celtiñas area, who tried to counterattack with the speed of their most offensive men.

The referee ordered the changed the ball when the snow began to curdle on the grass and just after Iago Aspas beat Fernando Pacheco, but Moaña’s was offside.

In minute 70, González Fuertes decreed penalty after a hand from Martín Aguirregabiria and the forward from Vigo retaliated after collecting the rejection of goalkeeper babazorro, who stopped the shot but could not react with the loose ball. The Galicians were encouraged after getting ahead on the scoreboard and continued looking for the rival goal to expand a score that was able to move much more than it did.

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Fernando Pacheco avoided the third in the 80th minute and the Vitorians again entrusted the set pieces to equalize the duel again. John Guidetti had it in his boots, but he was too entertained and the Galician defense jumped on him to avoid the shot, when the Swede had everything in his favor. Matías Dituro had time to shine before a distant shot from Joselu Mato and Celta took the three points in a somewhat bumpy final with interventions from the doctors of both teams.


1 – Deportivo Alavés: Pacheco; Martín, Laguardia, Lejeune, Rubén Duarte (Sylla, min.87); Loum (Guidetti, min.78), Toni Moya Pina, min.78), Pere Pons (Manu García, min.78), Édgar (Pellistri, min.71), Luis Rioja and Joselu.

2 – Celtic: Dituro; Kevin Vázquez, Araujo, Javi Galán; Beltran; Brais Méndez (Tapia, min.56), Denis Suárez (Solari, min.56), Nolito (Cervi, min.46); Aspas (Murillo, min.82) and Santi Mina.

Goals: 0-1, m.11: Santi Mina. 1-1, m.21: Joselu. 1-2, m.70: Aspas.

Referee: González Fuertes (Asturian Committee). He admonished the locals Duarte (min.32), Lejeune (min.37), Aguirregabiria (min.57) and the visitors Brais Méndez (min.50) and Tapia (min.85)

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fifteenth day of LaLiga Santander, played in Mendizorroza de Vitoria before 10,093 spectators, about 150 from the visiting team. A minute of silence was observed in memory of the victims of sexist violence. The albiazules posed before the start with a banner commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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