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Cerro Gordo organizes a barter market that will repeat once a month

Barter market in Cerro Gordo this Sunday. / TODAY

This neighborhood celebrates its festivities this weekend, such as Huerta Rosales, which officially inaugurates its headquarters these days

Rocio Romero

Cerro Gordo opens its first barter market this Sunday, an initiative that will repeat once a month. The initiative is part of the neighborhood festivities, which began on Friday, but is here to stay.

«This is an activity that the neighbors demand a lot to change what you have at home and do not use. From now on we will do this exchange market once a month without coinciding with the market, “says Lidia Galán, secretary of the Cerro Gordo neighborhood association.

This market that the City Council sponsored a year ago will lose its clothing and accessory vendors in the coming weeks. The rise in fuel prices does not compensate the shopkeepers. “The fruit and vegetable stalls are necessary because there is only one Carrefour Exprés in the neighborhood and it is also worthwhile for them to come because they have a lot of sales,” explains Lidia Galán. So these will continue to come on Saturday mornings.

The festival activities program includes sack races, coal-hop contests and balance exercises. This Sunday, starting at 5:00 p.m. in Plaza Conde la Torre del Fresno, they plan to hold the 1st Virus Championship, a board game that has become very popular among children. Those who want to participate must contribute a kilo of food to deliver it to the Food Bank and register in advance. “Parents are very involved in this neighborhood and there are as many adults as children in the tournament,” says Lidia Galán.

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Since Friday, the residents of Cerro Gordo have been participating in sports classes and championships, although they have organized other activities such as an exhibition by the municipal firefighters. They took the highest crane they have to reach the fires that broke out in the high blocks on Saturday morning. Children’s theater, flamenco and even a cinema have been installed by the neighbors these days in their neighborhood.

At the other end of the city, Huerta Rosales, the neighbors have also been celebrating all weekend. It does so by opening its neighborhood headquarters, after the City Council gave it a place in August.

The president, Nieves Nestares, with councilors from the Badajoz City Council this Saturday at the gates of the headquarters. /


«Finally, after almost 20 years we have a headquarters. It has been a great effort to fix the place without municipal help, “says the president of the residents of Huerta Rosales, Nieves Nestares. She is grateful for the visit of the councilors of the City Council, from all parties except the PP, to the official opening of the premises this Saturday. At night they had a festival and barbecue and in the morning they held their first children’s race, starting at one, through the gardens of the neighborhood.

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