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CEU Cardenal Herrera students will be able to access the INFORMATION subscriber content for free

CEU students will have free access to INFORMATION content

CEU students will have free access to INFORMATION content
CEU Elche

Information is power and universal access to it. A fact that CEU Cardenal Herrera University knows well. Therefore, Diario INFORMACIÓN, through an agreement with this center, present in the three provinces that make up the autonomy, offers its contents completely free of charge for its students to access the leading newspaper in Alicante from the computers of the educational centers. Also from home, with the username and password to access the virtual campus.

Any student bearing the seal of the HEAVEN You can consult any article, news or report that is usefulEither for their training or to carry out some work or deliverable, especially at this time, when the final degree projects and recoveries mark the day-to-day life of university students.

An excellent bet by the leading newspaper of the Alicante demarcation and the university center to inform those who today are beginning to take firm steps, with work and effort, did their future work and their training in values ​​as people. Those will be the readers of tomorrow.

Students in one of the study rooms CEU Elche

End Fake News

Attack misinformation. Access to exclusive, verified and truthful content is an excellent tool to put stop false information, something that new technologies also promote. To help discern them, free access to the contents of the INFORMATION Journal will be of great help.

CEU Cardenal Herrera student at the Elche Campus CEU Elche

The large number of websites that issue false information is available to everyone, with social networks playing an important role. Knowing that the young people are digital nativesWith this collaboration agreement, CEU Cardenal Herrera students will be up to date with everything that happens in the different sectors and areas of the Valencian Community, thanks to the quality of the information that will be available to you any student of this catholic university.

Sciences, health and communication

Health Sciences students in one of their classes CEU Elche

Among the careers offered by this institution established throughout Spain and with a presence abroadScientific careers such as architecture or engineering stand out; those related to the health field, such as Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy or Optics and Veterinary Medicine. Without forgetting the field of Communication and Marketing, with Journalism, Advertising or Audiovisual Communication, among others. Other pillars that support its classrooms are those related to education and the sector that represents part of the community’s GDP: Gastronomy. All of these degrees are a powerful engine for the economy and industry. INFORMATION is the stage where many of them reflect their news, new discoveries and formations. It becomes even more important that students, young talents, who will be the technological, scientific, health and communicational future of the province is aware of everything related to them.

How to access the INFORMATION content

A class at CEU Cardenal Herrera University CEU Elche

Easy, clear and simple. You only have to sign up on your device with your username and password. It is important not to connect with Facebook or Google accounts. By doing so, the server will record your CEU email after verifying the email you will receive in said account and, from anywhere, you will have free access to the contents of INFORMATION, to keep up to date with all the news, firsts and innovations that take place at the provincial level.

With no content limit, this agreement between INFORMATION and the CEU Cardenal Herrera University will allow to obtain instant information on current events in a globalized world, from any device: mobile, tablet or computer. Preparing and giving the necessary tools to future generations, a challenge in which INFORMATION he is always willing to do his bit.

Unlimited content, this agreement with this university center will allow obtaining information and indefinite articles instantly on the current situation in a globalized world, from any device: mobile, tablet or pc. Preparing and giving the necessary tools to future generations, a challenge in which INFORMATION does its bit.

We leave you the steps to follow to enjoy the service:

1.Sign up with your email from CEU Cardenal Herrera. It is important not to register with your Facebook or Google user.

2. Confirm the verification email that will arrive at said email account.

3.Log in at and access all Premium news.

4.If you have any problem, send your incident to [email protected]

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