Thursday, September 23

Ceuta opens to debate the revocation of ‘persona non grata’ to Abascal

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

The president of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas, stated this Wednesday that there is “no problem” in re-debating in the Assembly of the autonomous city the declaration of ‘persona non grata’ of the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and has justified not being included in today’s plenary session due to a “legal impediment”.

In statements to the Ser, Vivas has affirmed that the non-incorporation of the Vox initiative to revoke Abascal’s declaration of persona non grata on Wednesday’s plenary agenda has been due to the fact that “the regulation does not contemplate the possibility of present urgent motions once the plenary session is called and the different items on the agenda have been set. ”

Juan Jesús Vivas has insisted that this initiative can be incorporated into the next plenary session -which would be in the month of September- “because there is no will on the part of the Assembly that this matter is not debated”, although it has not advanced the sense of the vote of the popular, after the abstention of the session of the past Friday.

Asked if the national leadership of the PP has asked him to rectify, he replied: “In my party they have called me to put themselves at the disposal of Ceuta and tell me to act responsibly and sensibly thinking of the interest of Ceuta and Spain over the interests of the PP and that is what I have done “.

In relation to the direction of the PP vote in an upcoming debate, Vivas has added that “must be dealt with within the group” and he can anticipate any decision, although he has stressed that “the position of the PP cannot ignore the root of the problem that has caused this crisis.”

The PP has not been the actor of it, it did not promote the declaration of ‘non grato’, the PP did not vote in favor and it was not the PP that came to Ceuta at the most difficult moment in the history of this city to say that Morocco had allies in the Assembly, specifically to affirm that there are fifth-columnist parties in the Ceuta Assembly of Mohamed VI “, alluding to Abascal, Vivas has pointed out.

He has ensured that He is not “in favor of naming anyone ‘non grato’, but I think that the background of the matter justified our differentiation at that critical moment from Vox’s speech”.

The Ceuta president has argued that “the only person responsible” for this situation is he, “not the national leadership of the PP, since the relationship between PP and Vox at the national level has nothing to do with this.”

About Santiago Abascal has commented that He has never spoken “never” with him and had the opportunity when he came to Ceuta to come to see him and get his opinion. “I would have told him that Ceuta is not up for fires and hopefully he will reconsider” the attitude of his party, he said.

The Ceuta president has demanded a “great agreement of the State of broad consensus” for Ceuta and that “the situation we are experiencing, which is one of absolute anomaly,” be resolved due to the presence of thousands of Moroccans in the city.

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