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Chalets in Marbella and a Tolstoy palace, Putin’s “luxurious dowry” to his ex-wife to find her a husband

The Navalni Foundation, despite the fact that its leader remains isolated in a high-security Russian prison, continues with his work to unmask the corrupt court of Vladimir Putin. From pointing to the luxurious life of Lavrov’s stepdaughter to the Russian president’s mistress, the famous former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, included in the UK and US sanctions list, now the imprisoned Russian opponent’s lieutenant, Maria Pevchikh, chief of the investigation unit, has narrated the love story financed by Putin to find a husband for his ex-wife.

In a long Twitter thread, Pevchikh describes the atypical love story and Putin’s role as matchmaker for the marriage between Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, ex-Lyudmila Putina (64), and Artur Ocheretny (44). “In the old days, it was common for the bride’s parents to arrange a dowry: something valuable, such as money, expensive cloth, or jewelry to ‘increase the value of the bride.

But Putin has given it an innovative spin: “he has literally provided a multimillion-dollar dowry for his ex-wife,” writes the researcher at the Anticorruption Foundation. And she did not do it directly, but appointed her director of the NGO Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications (CDIC) (until her husband, 20 years younger, took over in 2010), a branch of the Russian language development center. This organization seized for free a historic building linked to the figure of the author of War and Peace, Leo Tolstoylocated just 5 minutes from the Kremlin.

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Pevchikh calls the marriage, which lasted more than a decade, between Putin and Lyudmila a farce. “Lyudmila was never a real First Lady. We hardly ever saw her in public and never heard of her. She was used once a year as a companion in the acts of the Russian Church ». The “love” of the Putin marriage, on the other hand, ended in 2013 and was announced by the Russian president himself: in a state television broadcast while they attended a ballet play together.

Beyond the authenticity of love, Reuters attributed to Ocheretny a possible multimillion-dollar real estate deal that includes luxurious villas in France, Switzerland and Marbella. For example, with those in Malaga, the foundation has documented that the apartments were purchased for 790,000 (229 square meters) and 1.3 million euros (405 square meters) respectively.

“Artur Ocheretny and Lyudmila Putina (now officially Lyudmila Ocheretnaya) have no money of their own. Everything they own has been stolen from them by Vladimir Putin. As a reverse robin hoodPutin steals from the poor to give to the rich,” Pevchikh denounced.

For this reason, it asks the governments of France, Switzerland and Spain to include the Ochertny family in their sanctions lists immediately, freeze the properties they own and investigate the origin of their funds.

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