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Changes in habits in the sale of houses that the covid-19 has brought

The weight of the Houses single family in the sale of homes it reached historical highs in the third quarter. For its part, purchase of flats it was at a minimum. These are some of the data that are rescued from a report by the Property Registrars that relates these movements to Covid-19.

One out of every five house purchase and sale transactions carried out in the third quarter, specifically 20.4%, was used for the acquisition of single family homes, normally with a larger average surface and open spaces (terraces and gardens), a percentage almost two points higher than in the second quarter.

At the same time that the weight of the larger homes with open spaces, the number of flats has fallen to historic lows: only 79.6% of the sales in the third quarter were operations on collective housing (flats). «The evolution of the results shows an intensification of the preference for the modality of single family Home«Affirm the Registrars, who consider that these data confirm the first impact in the new trends in the acquisition of houses due to the influence of the pandemic.

Surface of the houses

Another fact that corroborates this change in habits in home sales is the mean area. This increased in the third quarter to reach its maximum in the historical series, with 101.7 square meters for the housing complex.

In the case of free new housing, the average surface transferred has risen to 110.2 square meters, close to the historical maximum for the second quarter (110.4 square meters). For its part, used housing It reached an average area of ​​100.25 square meters, which is its largest record in the historical series. «There is a generalization of the growth of the transferred average surface, ratifying the change of preferences in the current context of health crisis, preferably demanding homes with a larger surface«, Emphasize the Registrars.

The report reveals that demand is focusing more on floors with larger surface. Thus, in the third quarter, 53.3% of the purchases of flats have a surface area greater than 80 square meters, with an increase in the relative weight of almost three points in relation to the same quarter of 2019. The flats of Between 60 and 80 meters have accounted for 27.6% of purchases, those between 40 and 60 meters 15.8% and those of less than 40 meters, only 3.4%.

In the last twelve months, buying and selling of flats of more than 80 square meters have accounted for 51.7%, down from 53.3% in the last quarter, which, according to the Registrars, again confirms the trend to acquire larger floors. Likewise, the report points to “a certain inertia” towards search for housing in population centers with lower density.

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