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Changes in iOS 15 settings to make your iPhone work much better

All those who own an iPhone 13, iPhone 12, an IPhone SE or an iPhone 11, have a common denominator and that is that, in all of them, the operating system that currently rules is iOS 15 or one of the minor updates that Apple has been launching progressively.

This is a great system, nobody is going to deny it, but we can fine-tune it a little more if we change certain configurations, since with that we will make everything go more smoothly.

Keep reading because we are going to guide you on what you should do internally on your iPhone with iOS 15 to put it to work at 100% productivity, in addition to being able to give it the occasional distinctive touch.

iOS 15 settings:

Turn off 5G coverage

You already know that the latest Apple terminals come with 5G technology. Well, the operation when it detects a network of this type does not imply any action on our part. In other words, it is capable of going from 4G to 5G without us doing anything at all.

This can cause the battery of our smartphone to be affected and that is why Apple incorporates a switch to disable the operation of 5G networks.

If you don’t want to sacrifice the life of your battery to get a higher connection speed with 5G, you should have it turned off, knowing that if you need it in the future you can re-activate this type of network on iPhone.

Adjust the amount of data

We can consider the adjustment of the use that our iPhone makes of 5G networks and for that we must go to Settingsthen enter Mobilethen click on mobile data options and finally data mode.

At this moment we can choose between three options:

  • Allow more data in 5G: With this you will take full advantage of the very good speeds that 5G provides.
  • Standard: nothing changes here, that is, we continue with the same system of alternating 4G and 5G.
  • low data mode: is the case where we need to save on the data.

Modify Siri’s voice

You already know that in iOS 14.5 two new voices were added to Siri and that, for the first time in the history of Apple’s assistant, we were no longer forced to choose a female voice.

When we first set up Siri it already syncs with all linked devices, but everything can still be changed.

To put a different voice we must go to Settingthen we enter Siri and search then click on Siri voice.

Retrieve incoming calls in full screen

Before iOS 14, when someone called us, the call screen occupied the entire panel if we were using the terminal at that moment, but as of that version of the operating system, the incoming call indicator changed to look like another alert, becoming in a notification at the top of the phone when we are using it.

If you want to have full screen call alerts again when using the terminal, we just have to go to Settingto enter TelephoneThen in Incoming calls and we play on Fullscreen.

Organize alerts

In iOS 15 there is a function called Notification Summarywhich allows you to schedule non-urgent alerts to arrive all at once at a specific time of day.

Important notifications like calls, direct messages or alarms will still appear as normal.

If you want to execute this function you only have to go to Settingwalk into Notifications and then in Scheduled Summary.

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Full notifications on lock screen

We can choose what information the phone will provide us even when it is locked. This can be the data from the notification center, the Control Center, the ability to reply to messages or the Wallet application, among others.

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For this we must go to Settingwe touch on Face ID and passcodenow we put that code, we scroll down until we see the section Allow access when locked.

Once inside we must toggle the sliders according to our own preferences.

Tidy Home Screen Apps

It may be that earlier iPhones didn’t have too many tools to sort apps on the home screen. All that changed from iOS 14.

There are several examples of all this, such as thanks to the app library we have an app drawer of sorts, which allows us to remove apps from your home screen without actually deleting them.

But there are also other faculties like that you can completely customize the appearance of your phone with different icons and widgets of applications, very much in the style of Android.

To configure which apps go or not to the application library, it is best to manage it and for that you have to go to Setting and then click on Starting screen.

From there we select Add to Home Screen only or app library.

dark mode

Not only is it fashionable to wear the dark mode, but it favors battery consumption, and even the concentration of the person using the iPhone.

To get it, all you have to do is go to Settingthen to screen and brightness and select the option darklocated at the top of the screen.

All Apple applications will be seen in their dark version and the vast majority of third-party applications will suffer the same fate.

Easier text to read

So that the text that we see on the iPhone screen is at the ideal size for our view, we can go to Settingthen to screen and brightness and then enter text sizewhere we can use the slider until we’re happy with the font size.

We can make the letters more vivid by activating bold textan option just below the Text Size button.

Alternate Face ID Appearance

Another of the functions that we can perform is to make Apple’s facial recognition, Face ID, work better if it is giving us problems recognizing our face.

For that we must activate alternate appearance as follows. We are going to Settingthen we enter Face ID and passcodewe put the PIN so that the last thing is to go to Set an alternate appearance and execute the process of registering our face again.

Control center

The Control Center It is a very versatile part of the operating system, since we can quickly change songs, activate airplane mode, connect to WiFi, start a timer, quickly turn on the flashlight, check a timer or start recording your screen with a quick touch, among others. many things.

It’s best to customize the apps and features that are available in the Control Center.

For that we must go to Setting and then to Control center. An option is removed by tapping the red button or added by selecting the green button. We drag the features up or down using the three-line icon on the right side of the screen.

With everything that we have told you, our iPhone is going to be better, more fluid and with features that make it very interesting.

Tell us what you think of the configurations and which one you liked the most on our social networks. We want to know your opinion.

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