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Chantelle Cameron imagines herself taking the next step on the road to the undisputed title

Chantelle Cameron strongly believes in visualizing things that will materialize.

That is why she has not stopped imagining herself wrapped in the four super lightweight belts and The Ring Magazine strap as the undisputed champion of her division.

“I’m good at visualizing things,” says Cameron. “Being indisputable, it means everything to me, it is literally everything I envision.

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“I just think I want all those belts around me. It’s the only thing I envision, being the undisputed world champion, and I’m two fights away from that.”

“If I win on Saturday, I will be in the final to fight for each and every one of the belts. What a dream come true. I just want to do it for myself more than anything, that I have achieved it.”

Cameron tops the list at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night when she risks her WBC title against IBF American champion Mary McGee. The winner will go on to fight whoever comes out on top between Kali Reis and Jessica Camara when they meet for the WBO and WBA belts on November 19 as part of the so-called Road to Undisputed tournament.

Cameron-McGee was a fight the former feared would not happen when Dillian Whyte’s shoulder injury led to the cancellation of his scheduled fight against Otto Wallin.

That heavyweight clash was supposed to be Saturday’s main attraction, but when it was canceled, there were fears that Matchroom would have to cancel the entire show. Instead, Cameron-McGee will headline another great night for women’s boxing.

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Cameron insists that everything remains the same despite the rise to center stage.

“It doesn’t feel different,” she says. “Nothing changes, nothing changes.

“At the end of the day, the fight is won in the ring, it doesn’t matter if you are the first or the last fight on the card, as long as I win, that’s all that really matters to me.”

On anxiously waiting to see if he would get a fighting chance, Cameron adds: “It was a tough day.

“I found out around 11:30 am during my press day at the gym earlier this week and I was in the middle of an interview when I found out. I thought, ‘Do I have to continue with this interview?’ We did not know what was happening.

“I was waiting all day, I did not hear anything. I could not sleep at night and I was thinking that I would wake up in the morning and hear the news that the show is canceled. I insisted that it would be off, but everyone else was telling me that keep going.

“I stayed professional, went to the gym, woke up at 7:30 in the morning and got a message from Jamie saying I was headlining. I just thought, ‘Wow. That took a turn. I’m glad I went to the gym.’ It was only a few hours of uncertainty, but it seemed like three weeks. “

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Now you will have the opportunity to show your talents against, without a doubt, the toughest opponent of his career to date. McGee insists that he will return home to Gary, Indiana, with another belt in his luggage, but Cameron has refused to accept his comments.

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“It’s funny, really. I know what I do in the gym and I believe in myself,” says Cameron.

“As much as anyone can talk about a good game, they have to back that up. I find it quite fun really because if you can stick with me from Round 1 to 10, I’ll be amazed at the pace of work. I know my engine is nonstop. I’m just asking you to prove what you are saying because if you do it will be a great fight.

“I need someone good to bring out the best in me, that’s why I’ve been screaming for these fights for so long. I know another great fighter in front of me to show how good I am. That’s why on Saturday, facing Mary, The best version of me comes out and that’s why he doesn’t hit me.

“She doesn’t beat me on my best day.”

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