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Characteristics and Information about Cairn Terrier Dog Breeds

The dog breed Cairn terriers are small working canines that were bred in Scotland’s Isle of Skye. They were used by many homeowners and farmers who want help in removing pests into their farms, and they want a pet with tenacity, courage, and intelligence. 

These behaviors are still found in the terriers today, and it’s no wonder many people would love to have them. If you think that this holistapet cairn terrier is compatible with your home and lifestyle, don’t hesitate to adopt them. They are the affectionate, independent, and sensible pets that your family may be looking for. However, even if they are considered purebreds, many find their way abandoned on the streets, and they end up in rescue homes or shelters.

Novice parents can quickly adapt to them, and they can live in apartments. However, it’s still better if the property has a backyard where the Cairn terrier can go for long hours of walks or play around since they enjoy exercise and play. They want a more active lifestyle, and they have high energy for almost anything.

Another thing is that these pests are not comfortable being left alone for an extended period of time. If you need to go to work for a few hours each day, make sure to give them lots of pats, hugs, and affection before you leave. If you’re working from home, then they will prove to be excellent companions for you. 

What You Need to Know About these Breeds

If you have seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz” you may notice that the dog is a Cairn Terrier and this film made them even well-known in the world. The dog played the role of Toto, but she’s a female Cairn with the name Terry. 

Terry got a weekly pay of $125 for her part, and she’s owned by a dog trainer named Carl Spitz. Before becoming famous in the movie, she has also appeared to several others and has lived for 11 years. Read more about the film on this site here.

The film characterized Toto as a shaggy-coated terrier as well as having a sturdy and tiny feature. Their intelligence and confidence also made them famous as beloved characters. They are also ready for action and are alert for anything. 

With their quickness and curiosity to learn, it’s not surprising that they have a streak of stubbornness and independence. They should know who is in charge, or they tend to take the lead role. You need to do socialization and obedience training early so they know what to expect.

Despite their nature of independence, they are very sensitive. They don’t take well to harsh corrections or scolding, and their feelings are easily hurt. What may matter to them is getting the best methods of teaching, which are positive reinforcement and gentle training.

Family and Terriers

These canines need to live inside a home, whether it’s a condominium or an apartment, and he needs his family with him. He’s happier when there’s attention, and they can’t thrive when there’s no attention present. When they are left alone too much, they begin to be unsure of what to do with themselves and become bored. They start to dig, bark and chew, which will be destructive in the long run.

They can be excellent pets, alert companions, and they want to take charge in everything they do. However, when they receive much love and attention, they are ideal as family companions. They are very entertaining to the kids, fun, and they will bark when strangers approach your property. These breeds are very agile and obedient, so they will know when to stop barking, especially when it’s your friends or family visiting you for a weekend.

Some Highlights to Know

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The Cairn is the kind of terrier with the instincts to chase, dig, and bark. These aggressive behaviors are often minimized and eliminated with training. However, if you’re unsure about the typical temperament of terriers, it’s best if you do research about them first or consider other breeds.

These dogs are often curious and intelligent. He wants to assert his will and has a mind of his own. There’s a good deal of challenging the home’s authorities, especially if he was not trained at a young age. 

However, these challenges are done in a good-natured and charming way that many can’t resist being entertained with them. Still, it’s essential to establish yourself as a pet parent to be the pack leader, or they will reinforce their will when no one is in charge. Know more about being a leader here:

Family attention is what they bask in, and they think of themselves as more significant than their actual size. They can stand by themselves and be as tall as possible when other canines challenge them. 

Getting a healthy puppy or dog should mean that you have to look for a responsible breeder first and foremost. Some may offer them at pet stores complete with vaccines and nameplates. Other reputable breeders will test them for diseases and other genetic disorders that they may pass to their offspring, and it’s best if you all have these pieces of information before getting them.

These are just some of the info that you should know about the Cairn Terrier Dog. There are plenty of blogs and videos that you can check on the internet to understand how to take care of them and their temperament. Ask in forums and research first before buying the breed for a better outcome.

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