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«Charal 2», more innovative, faster, stronger


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Jérémie Beyou is one of the most accomplished ocean sailing sailors on board the IMOCA and in the Figaro Class (two victories in La Solitaire du Figaro in 2005, 2014), who at 46 years old has accumulated an intense curriculum since 1996 .

In the last edition of the Vendée Globe, misfortune befell him at the beginning of the solo round-the-world sailing trip without stopovers or external help that forced him to return to port and then sail in the tail positions, going up until he could finish. in 13th place. Probably, surely, the days of sailing would allow him to begin to conceive the idea of ​​what a new IMOCA should be like for the next edition, since three weeks before the start of the round the world tour, the Charal team had already agreed with the naval architect Sam Manuard the beginning of the design of the new «Charal 2».

The genesis of this new IMOCA focused on the best of «Charal 1» and Armel Tripon’s L’Occitane. Sam Manuard is more than a designer, he is also a good sailor who knows how to combine theory and practice. “The idea, for us, was to maintain an internal design team consistent enough for the ship to evolve permanently, Sam was in agreement with this operation, he came alone, with KND for the simulations and performance part, Gurit for the structure and Nat Shaver for the design of the foils”, Jérémie Beyou.

After running countless models, the final design of the hull remained in quite square shapes from the stern to four meters from the bow. A narrow boat compared to the current IMOCAs and with a very pronounced “spatulate” bow. Regarding the cabin, Beyou has preferred to maintain the philosophy of «Charal 1» “I like to stick my head out a little and above all to have as complete a vision as possible of what happens on deck”.

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The “Charal 2” “foils” have been designed with the idea of ​​sailing with the boat as flat as possible, with a small “v” shape “we try not to lose too much on the beats or on the reaching points, but we chose the geometry of the foils that seemed most suitable for the Vendée Globe course”. Obviously they are going to build a second pair as an evolution and replacement, but they will still wait to know the performance of the boat in the coming weeks.

The construction of this new IMOCA has been carried out by CDK Technologies in Lorient in which they have worked, requiring 12 months, 30,000 hours of work and more than 20 people to complete the construction. Beyou was clear that this shipyard would assure him of having an excellent IMOCA since the previous sailboat was also built by the same company which has more than 38 years of experience and this boat represents the 40th race boat built.

The arrangement of the two rudders in the centreline of the sailboat is striking, just like the pelvic tail fins of the fish, “a lot of work has been done on the rudders so that the boat is as stable as possible and keeps its course. In addition, every effort has been made to clean the bottom of the boat’s hull as much as possible so that the flow of water is as unrestrictive as possible, thus favoring aerodynamics. This explains why the surface of the roof is as flat as possible, why the ceiling is minimalist and why the step is so pronounced. All of these structural elements will help improve performance in particularly harsh sailing conditions, especially in the southern seas.”

Bellou expects that the «Charal 2» in the south seas and supporting winds, its speed will approach 23 knots on average compared to 23 knots with 21 wind on board the «Charal 1». He has also made an important decision by incorporating Franck Cammas into his team for the fine-tuning and development of the new boat: “He has this rare ability to have a very high level of technical and design knowledge, while also being one of the best sailors on the market, whether in crewed or solo configuration. He is always aware of everything, of all the topics, with him nothing is forgotten. So much so that at one point you say to yourself: “This is a lot! But in the end he knows how to organize things according to what is important. In hydrology, in engineering, in construction, he knows everything, it is great to have him at our side.” On the design side, I’ll let him announce his show, but we hope he finds time to help us develop.” ; Jeremie Beyou.

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