Thursday, September 23

Charles Sobhraj, the cunning hippie killer who eluded the authorities with the passports of his victims

  • Norberto Paredes @norbertparedes
  • BBC World News

Charles Sobhraj being arrested.

Image source, Getty Images


Despite being accused of the deaths of 20 people who were drugged, strangled, beaten or burned between 1972 and 1982, it was not until August 2004 that Charles Sobhraj was convicted of murder for the first time.

In the 1970s, a wave of murders perpetrated by Frenchman Charles Sobhraj shocked Asia.

Known as “the Snake” or “the bikini killer”, Sobhraj acted with determination and was noted for his tricks to evade the authorities using the passports of his victims, who used to be Western tourists who walked the so-called hippie trail of the Indian subcontinent.

The dramatic life of the infamous serial killer, now 77, has inspired literary, film and most recently a television series co-produced by the BBC and Netflix.

But Who was it really “the Serpent” and cHow do you spend your days today?

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