Saturday, October 16

Charlie Dalin plays it for the Antarctic Exclusion Zone

Vigo (Pontevedra)



The leading trio have opted for different strategies depending on their position in the weather system, as the high pressure is moving as expected to the southeast.

Dumard comments: “Apivia” has managed to stay well ahead of the anticyclone, throughout the ZEA. The “Maître CoQ IV” has chosen to gradually move north to play with the storms that come from the north during the weekend. “LinkedOut” seems to be doing the same. Marking is difficult under these conditions. Everyone has to do their own regatta.

The chasing group is stumbling over the high pressure bubble. They are making progress with that. This has allowed Maxime Sorel, Giancarlo Pedote and Isabelle Joschke to catch up with the leading group. Louis Burton is even faster. He has negotiated the high north-northeast wind zone perfectly and should gradually move out of it during the day, allowing him to have Maxime Sorel in his sights from Friday. We should find the first eleven competitors in less than 500 miles by the end of the week. ”

Jean Le Cam and Boris Herman are the ones who pull the group of hunters, located more than 2000 miles astern of the leaders, closing the rear Maxime Sorel in tenth position. And tomorrow Clarisse Crémer, in position 12, will cross the Antimeridian with the «Banque Populaire X».

Among the first three there is no truce, Yannick Bestaven (“Maître CoQ IV”), leader of the northern route, disputed by the revolutionary of the Ice Zone, Charlie Dalin (“Apivia”). The two men are less separated by miles than by the drawing of the trajectories on which they have ventured.

Bestaven has preferred to go for the meeting of winds from the northeast, facing a beat where the winds will be 20 to 25 knots of intensity, and then launching towards the east pointing to Cape Horn. While Charlie Dalin sails very close to the line of the Antarctic Exclusion Zone: “My decision is based on my initial position towards the south. Going north meant drawing a” huge circumference “in the Pacific and my southern route had more possibilities to find a favorable result in my opinion. The moment I thought about it, it only cost me 30 miles to try to get back if it didn’t work out. But I decided to dare, try to believe in it. Every mile gained to the east is a victory, but still It’s too early to draw conclusions. ”Different tactics when both skippers are 2,790 miles from Cape Horn.

Like a missile it approaches the «OnePlanet OneOcean» of Dídac Costa, which is sailing at about 15 knots of speed, by the starboard wing the «Charal» of Jérémie Beyou at more than 19.5 knots of speed. In a matter of hours there will be a change of positions between both IMOCAs, «Charal» will go to position 19 and «OnePlanet OneOcean» to 20; a natural replacement thinking that two very different sailboats, Dídac Costa’s does not even have lateral daggerboards, while Beyou has a flying machine with hydrofoils.

Dídac commented from on board: “I’m finally passing the eastern corner of the ZEA in Australia. Although I don’t know any physical place, I think these corners are the end of the trip around the world. Like the Cape of Good Hope and Leeuwin, we don’t see them either, but they condition us more.

Perhaps it would be good to give them names. For me, this conditioned me a bit and delayed me for a few hours after several days without stopping. At least it’s nice to be able to get a good look at the boat again, including a mast climb to see that all is well, and celebrate the birthday with a little break from the noise.

The next “screen” of this great game, which is the Vendée Globe, will be to treat a deep depression that comes from the south of Tasmania, which I will let pass a little gracefully so that it does not absorb me, now I am thinking about the best way to Get into this weather puzzle. It’s going to be a fun Christmas! ”

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