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Charlin’s fatal accident empowers the Treasury to auction his house

The Tax agency will be able to reactivate throughout this 2022 the auction of the family home of Manuel Charlin Gama, died Thursday afternoon after suffering a domestic accident. The National Court ordered the seizure of the property, but Charlin reached an agreement with the Justice so that he could continue to occupy the house while he lived. The agreement established that, upon his death, Justice could already dispose of the property.

The family home of the late Manuel Charlín Gama is located in Cálago, a neighborhood located between the urban area of ​​Vilanova and As Sinas. From the outside, it does not appear particularly sumptuous, although it is a large stone construction and has a huge estate, on which many trees grow. The Patriarch settled in Cálago after his release from prison, in the summer of 2010. Formally, the Justice had already ordered his seizure -and many other family assets-, but Charlín and his wife, Josefa Pomares (who died in 2012) they convinced the National Court to let them stay in the house until their death.

Manuel Charlín Gama died in the middle of the afternoon on New Year’s Eve after suffering a fortuitous fall on his farm and hitting his head. A neighbor of the place was the one who alerted the emergency services, after seeing the man lying face down on the ground, but when the police and the paramedics arrived, Charlin was already dead.

The “Patriarca”, also known by the nickname “El Viejo” was one of the great historical bosses of the Galician drug trafficking. He spent long stays in jail, first for tobacco smuggling, then for cocaine trafficking, and finally for money laundering.

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Precisely, was pending the trial of the ‘Repesca’, in which the prosecutor asked for eight years in prison and the payment of a fine of 12 million euros. The trial will be held at the National Court, and several members of the Charlin family will sit on the defendants’ bench.

The pazo of Vista Real

Manuel Charlín Gama left the ‘Nécora’ unscathed. But in the National Court they still wanted him, and in 1995 they started a money laundering operation that involved the intervention of dozens of “clan” properties.. Among these, there were flats, rafts, commercial premises or farms. There was also the Cálago family home. The experts appraised the entire estate at the equivalent of about 47 million euros today.

The National High Court condemned the ‘Patriarch’ in 2003 – the sentence was ratified in 2007 by the Supreme Court – but Charlin managed to convince the Justice to wait a few years to auction the Cálago villa.

The ‘Repesca’ operation, started in 2010 and which should presumably be judged in Madrid in 2022, began since police and judicial authorities are convinced that the Charlines managed to hide a large part of their assets in the 1995 raid.. In addition, they had even regained ownership of some assets through auctions.

The bids of the Plan on Drugs have been stopped for more than a year

The fact that on paper the State can already put Manuel Charlin’s house up for sale does not mean that it will do so immediately. In fact, it is most likely that the auction – or direct disposal, the formula will be announced in due course – will still take many months, if not years.

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So much so that the procedures that the National Plan on Drugs (PNSD) had in place and that affect the islander Marcial Dorado and the Cambadian Manuel Abal, “Patoco”, have been parked for more than a year in the drawers of this department that belongs to the Ministry of Health.

The last real estate auction organized by the Plan on Drugs was held on December 22, 2020. In it, minor properties of Dorado were put up for sale. The auctions of seized goods to drug traffickers have come to a sudden halt with the pandemic. First, the judicial resources of relatives of convicted traffickers, as was the case in Dorado, and then the COVID pandemic have slowed down dozens of files.

As an example, the Plan on Drugs is pending auction from the arousano family home, located in O Lagartiño and valued at more than three million euros, to the underground car park in Plaza de España, in Vilagarcía.

The activity of the Plan on Drugs has slowed down enormously since March 2020. In all that year, it only convened two processes for the direct sale of vehicles and boats, and one auction.

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