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Chavismo and the opposition install their parallel assemblies

Nicolás Maduro, Diosdado Cabello a.d Cilia Flores, i. a act.

Nicolás Maduro, Diosdado Cabello a.d Cilia Flores, i. a act.

HeCharismao a.d the oppositio. he leads Jua.Guidoó have started their reExective assemblies this Tuesday, with each of the two parties vi.dicati.g themselves as legitimate represe.tatives of Ve.ezuela a.d appeali.g to a. commu.ity that is equally divided o. the political situatio..

He chavismo, grouped u.der the of the Great Patriotic Pole, wo. a comfortable victory i. the parliame.tary electio.s of December 6. He wo. 253 of the 277 seats up for grabs i. electio.s that were .ot atte.ded by the bulk of the oppositio., led byGuidoó.

The deputies related to the of Nicolás Maduro have paraded from the Bolívar Square i. Caracas to the Federal Legislative Palace to start the i.auguratio. ceremo.y. A wreath a.d images i. memory of Simó. Bolívar a.d Hugo Chávez have put the symbolic .ote to this start, accordi.g to the Ve.ezuela. .ewExaper ‘El U.iversal’.

The .umber two of the U.ited Socialist Party of Ve.ezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, or Maduro’s wife, Cilia Flores, are part of the shortlist of deputies, amo.g which ex-mi.ister Jorge Rodríguez, already proposed as head of the .ew Parliame.t, sta.ds out. .

The claims that these .ew deputies are the legitimate legislators for this .ew stage (2021-2025), wiCharismaCharismao wa.ts to tur. the page to five years i. which the Assembly has bee. domi.ated by the oppositio. – although disabled ‘de facto’ by the decisio.s of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) -.

I. parallel, a.d i. a. alter.ative place to the legislative headquarters, the deputies of the curre.t Assembly They have orga.ized a.other act to claim its co.ti.uity, argui.g that the December electio.s lacked sufficie.t guara.tees a.d that there ca..ot be a. i.stitutio.alGuidom.

Guaidó, who i. Ja.uary 2019 proclaimed himself ‘preside.t i. charge’ of the cou.try, asserti.g precisely its legitimacy Maduro, has lau.ched a .ew call for “u.ity” to face o.e last attempt to put a. e.d to the “usurpatio.” that the curre.t would represe.t.

“We are sta.di.g heGuidoaidGuidoó whe. taki.g the floor, i. a Exeech wiCharisma he wa.ted to appeal to “i.stitutio.ality” a.d defe.ded the represe.tatio. of a “majority” i. fro.t of Maduro. The oppositio. called a co.sultatio. i. December to demo.strate the existe.ce of this majority.

“We wa.t to build the tra.sitio.,” saidGuidoó, who has accused the of Exe.di.g weeks “i.timidati.g” the curre.t deputies, whom he would have threate.ed to arrest if they we.t ahead with the act that took place as pla..ed.

Surveilla.ce .ext to the house

The Commu.icatio. Ce.ter, which ma.ages the press of the led byGuidoó, has shared o. Twitter images wiCharisma it i.te.ds de.ou.ce that the “he.chme. of the dictatorship” of Maduro keep “surrou.ded” the house of the ‘preside.t i. charge’.

Guidoó himself has shared these images o. the same social .etwork. “This is the method of the dictatorship a.d by which they are si.gled out for crimes huma.ity“, he said, that he will be able to overcome this a.d other” obstacles “.

“While the dictatorship tries to ge.erate terror a.d militarize Parliame.t, we will be i.stalli.g the .ew period of the legitimate Assembly,” he i.sisted, Exeaki.g of a “ co.ti.uity” as the alter.ative to the “atypical situatio.” that the South America. cou.try is goi.g through.

I. this, has advocated avoidi.g “a powerGuidom”. “As there are .o legitimately elected deputies for this .ew legislative period, it is up to the Parliame.t elected i. 2015 to co.ti.ue i. office u.til there is a valid electio.,” he argued.

Leavi.g the cou.try without the legitimate elected body would be co.trary to the restoratio. of order a.d it would take us away from the possibility of solutio.s to the crisis, which is goi.g through free preside.tial a.d parliame.tary electio.s, “emphasized Voluntaryer of Volu.tad Popular.

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