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Cheap pulsed light epilators: these are the best you can buy

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If you don’t want to go to a hair removal center continuously, a pulsed light epilation machine is your best solution to remove body hair.

If you are a person who does not like to have any hair on certain parts of your body, such as on the legs, face or even in delicate areas such as the armpits, hair removal can become a nightmare because hair grows very fast.

One of the solutions to prevent hair growth in some areas of the body is to have laser hair removal sessions, but they can be very expensive, although the results are good. So home pulsed light hair removal machines They are products that we see more and more.

Pulsed light epilators use bursts of broad-spectrum light that reach the base of the follicle. The new hairs that come out are so weak that they fall off on their own.

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The bad thing about these epilators is that they work well with black hair and white skin, so there is a wide spectrum of skins and hair colors that do not have the same efficiency or do not work at all.

In the market for these epilators you can find brands like Philips or Braun at the top of the table, with high-quality products but at prices that are also very high and not very accessible.

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We want to offer you cheaper pulsed light epilator options, models that do not usually exceed 100 euros.

We have selected these models taking into account their reviews and value for money. That is why we believe that these are The best cheap pulsed light epilators you can buy right now.

  1. Innza
  2. zkmagic
  3. zumyu
  4. Himyoneone

Innza epilator in pistol format


This pulsed light hair removal machine Innza It is a well-designed product with a useful life of almost a million flashes, which is between 20 and 30 years of hair removal.

With 12 weeks of treatment they ensure that it stops or slows down more than 90% of hair growth. It has 5 intensity levels and 2 flash modes.

Although its normal price is 140 euros, on Amazon you can find it for less than 100 euros.

Zkmagic pulsed light epilator

Zkmagic pulsed light epilator

The Zkmagic pulsed light epilator is a more compact product and perfect to take on a trip or if you want a product that takes up less space.

It is an epilator machine designed for light skin tones and hair from black to dark brown, but not blonde, gray or red, also if your skin is black or a strong brown tone, it will not be effective.

It has a guarantee for one million flashes, a cold compression system to reduce the burning sensation. It also has 5 intensity levels and a manual or automatic flash mode.

You can get it on Amazon for only 89.99 euros.

Zumyu compact pulsed light epilator

ZunYu IPL Epilator

This pulsed light epilator ZumYu It is another option among the models that you can buy of a more compact size and in a format similar to that of a mechanical epilator and not in a pistol format.

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This epilator also claims to have a guarantee of one million flashes, it has an LCD screen with machine information such as the power level, the flashes made or if the fan is active.

It has 5 energy levels and 2 flash modes, manual or automatic. According to the manufacturer, with 4 weeks more than 75% of the hair begins to fall out, but remember that this will depend a lot on your skin tone and hair color.

This model only costs 55.99 euros thanks to a 20% coupon that you will find on its Amazon page.

Himyoneone pulsed light epilator

Himyoneone IPL epilator

This IPL epilator in gun format has a more compact size and a price that keeps it in a good value for money.

Like other manufacturers, it ensures that its lamp will give a million flashes. It also has two different heads to focus the light on larger or more specific areas. It has two hair removal modes such as manual and automatic and 5 power levels.

Its price is quite competitive, only 86 euros on Amazon.

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