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Cheat discounts on Black Friday: three out of four products inflate the price in the weeks before

Many of the offers that are advertised these days for Black Friday are not real or, at least, hide much less discountss of those that appear highlighted. That is the main conclusion of the study carried out by the Alicante app AZbox after scanning more than 6,300 articles during the last year and that concludes that up to 73% of the productss analyzed went up in price in the previous weeks to give the feeling of a more drastic sale during the promotion.

Specifically, according to the report of this application, which is dedicated to analyzing the daily fluctuations in prices to recommend the moment of purchase, these products experienced a average increase of 48% in cost, and then cut in half on the key day of the promotion.

«Based on the data obtained in our study, we can conclude that there are many companies that effectively take their pricing strategies beyond what is reasonable, in some cases trying to manipulate customer perception to encourage compulsive purchases “, assures Juan José Cejudo, member of the AZBox team.

The investigation also makes it clear that the key days of ‘Black Friday’ the price of the items it is cheaper that the days before its start-up, but without reaching the lowest price of the product established during the months prior to this campaign. A conclusion also reached by the Generalitat, which recently imposed two fines on Amazon precisely for using this same practice. Sanctions that the North American company ended up agreeing to pay.

Among the products that increase their prices the most in the face of the aforementioned commercial date that will culminate at the end of this week, are industrial machinery, DIY tools, robots and kitchen items, with increases that range from 58 to 330 euros.

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In addition, the study indicates that during this special period of offers the lower prices in footwear, clothing, technology and telephony, with price drops from 30 to 90 euros on average.

The results obtained show various forms of price fluctuation depending on the product and the proximity of dates of commercial relevance beyond Black Friday, such as Cyber ​​Monday (November 30) and Christmas.

Daily follow up

Azbox is a tracker and comparator of online prices that tracks the evolution of the price of items available in the Amazon marketplace, informing users of the decreases in their amount so that they can acquire the item with maximum savings.

It works thanks to the installation of the Android application on the mobile phone or by means of the Google Chrome extension for use on desktop computers.

“Its operation is very simple. The user identifies those Amazon products that he would like to purchase when they drop in price and from that moment our system monitors them for him every day. If we detect a decrease, the user is instantly notified about the percentage of the savings amount so that they can decide if it is worth taking advantage of the opportunity. Sometimes, companies launch offers very limited in time or for the stock itself and only users who are more aware and are faster can take advantage of them. Our app helps the user to take advantage of this type of opportunity ”, concludes Juan José Cejudo.

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