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Check what sensations a neighborhood gives on Google Maps, one of the curious novelties that will arrive shortly

Millions of people use Google Maps on a daily basis. Its simplicity is its greatest virtue, but also its multiple functionalities. Now the search giant is launching a new tool ideal for travelers.

Android It wouldn’t be the operating system we know today if it weren’t for applications like Chrome or Google Maps. The apps Google has convinced hundreds of millions of users around the world and its intention is to continue growing. For this he has an ace up his sleeve.

Google is announcing new features that will come to Google Maps in the coming months and, among them, is the new Immersive View. Let’s see what this is.

using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Street View and aerial imagesthis feature is designed to take you to an area you’re planning to visit (using your phone’s screen), add current weather and traffic, and even allow you to virtually walk into a store or restaurant.

With Immersive View, you can get used to the restaurant you’ve booked for and even know what to expect when it comes to the size of the crowd. This is good to know where the bathroom is when you arrive with a strong desire to evacuate. It’s street view on steroids.

Immersive View will be available on Google Maps (on iOS and Android) over the next few months in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Google assures that in the future they will include new cities, but we do not know dates or possible capitals.

New features coming to the Google App

Then we have Neighborhood Vibe, a functionality with which Google Maps will tell you what makes a specific neighborhood special. Is it an area for food lovers? Is it an artist area? To find out, you just have to see the photographs of that neighborhood.

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And through Live View Search, Google brings Augmented Reality to our phones. Live View is used to navigate rides in certain cities using Google Maps. Live View search will allow you to search and find points of interest (banks, ATMs, etc.).

Google also allows developers to include Google Maps eco-friendly navigation in their apps. This feature allows users select the type of engine they have under the hood to choose the most efficient route in terms of fuel consumption.

All these functions will come to the app of Google Maps during the next few months. The company claims that they are part of its efforts to build a more visual experience on Google Maps so that users can navigate the world naturally.

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