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Chef Yisus shares that his mother died in this emotional way

Jesús Alberto Díaz, known to all as the sweet Chef Yisus from ‘Despierta América’, shares that his mother died in a very emotional way.

Gloria Sánchez de Díaz, ‘the warrior of light’, Yisus’s mother, or Jesús Alberto as she called her ‘baby’, died at dawn on Saturday, March 6 after struggling with a long illness, the one that had expired some years ago.

Through your Instagram account, Yisus, whom we see every morning cooking and commenting on sports in ‘Wake up America’ Y soon on the track of ‘Look Who Dances All Stars’ describes the great love they have and will have forever:

You were and will ALWAYS be my cane, my food, my engine, the woman of my life. It was not enough for you to bring me to life, but you also gave me yours. You taught me everything with examples, but your words and writings were never lacking. I do EVERYTHING thinking of you because that way everything works out better for me.

Thank you for never separating, for always coming with me no matter who or what you left behind, keeping the distance that was necessary, but always there attentive and responsible for any slip.

We made a great old team. You didn’t drive but I did, you cooked greasy and I healed, you cried and I laughed, you walked and I ran, we didn’t win them all but in the end we were champions.

I’m going to miss your gigantic arepas, your lentil empanadas, your mixed juices with everything that will cross you, your pastichos with triple ham and a lot of cheese, your perfect coffee strained in medium.

You leave me and my brothers the best and greatest inheritance that exists, our health, our principles and you as a model tattooed in the soul of everythings. Please do not stop sending me those infinite messages detailing what I must do to succeed and be a better person. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOTHER ❤️“.

let’s remember what Yisus dedicated his first book to his mother, ‘Delicious Cooking with Chef Yisus’, where he shares recipes and stories with his mother and with his other two brothers, Héctor Jesús and Endreína.

Chef Yisus's dedication to his mother in his book
Chef Yisus’s dedication to his mother in his book. Photo: Courtesy Chef Yisus

Yisus was always the spoiled son of Doña Gloria, he is the smallest of the three and his most faithful companion. That is why when the chef decided to emigrate from his native Venezuela to the United States, both she and the chef’s father, Jesús Gregorio, followed them a few years later, regardless of leaving everything behind and starting from scratch in a country and with a language they did not know. .

In 2017, in an exclusive interview we did with Yisus, This told us about the relationship with his mother, and the teachings that he was going through with cancer:

“I always thought, based on the love I feel for my mom, that it was impossible for you to love someone more I did not believe this, and well now with my daughter, with Anabella, it is something crazy, it is indescribable, obviously it does not compare, they are two different loves but that of a son is something abnormal, “he explains.

Q: We saw you very excited, when they surprised you on Mother’s Day, bringing your mommy, what has been your best teaching?

“Represents struggle, The example that she has not given is of war, she does not stop, she really does not stop, and she is giving us an example in life with her illness… She is going through cancer, a therapy that not everyone can, as she is assimilating it and facing it as she is facing it … He leaves us the best example of giving everything and exhausting all the alternatives and knocking on all the doors, before sitting down and saying nor can not be. As I was saying, Was it the greatest love, or is it still the greatest love I have but now shared. My mother has given everything for us, especially for me who am the youngest. She came to this country at an advanced age, without knowing the language to ‘kick her ass’, to work on what she could get, without driving, opening other doors, that is, she is a tireless warrior.

Q: How have you taken the family, and how do they accompany you in this process that your mother is going through?

She taught us how to behave with her illness, she herself set the example with her positivism, with her strength… What we said between my brothers, my father and I, that we do not even think for a second to show something less than what she is showing, weaken us, if she is being strong, which is the one who is sick, which is the one who is to go through all this, and she is the one that is encouraging us, we cannot change anything, rather she herself did not say how to react, obviously a lot of unity and a lot of support, a lot of patience throughout this process ”.

Q: What does this kind of blows or surprises teach you in life?

“That you have to enjoy as much as possible, You never know if it will be 10 days of life, or 95 years, nobody knows that, the only thing we have for sure in this life is that we are going to leave, but you do not appreciate it so much until you live something like this closely unfortunately, we want something to happen to us to react and make the adjustment, and that is the adjustment that my family and I have made, I’m sorry, that is that life is worth a lot“.

Rest in peace Dona Gloria, the eternal warrior of Yisus and her family.


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