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Chen Yansheng boasts a Espanyol “more prepared than ever”

  • The president assures that the club “has learned from its mistakes”, reinforces its commitment to the quarry and predicts a “solid” future.

  • The net debt has gone from 133 million in 2015 to 20.3 today thanks to the management of the Chinese leader.

hen you go through the descent drama and suffers in an endless season in Second, the good times are savored more. The Spanish knows this reality well. At the end of last year he was fighting to return to the place he should never have left. Now it is again installed among the best, something that fills with pride to all parrots, starting with their president, Chen yansheng, which released this Thursday a message of optimism and ambition at the telematic shareholders’ meeting of the blue and white entity.

“We closed the 2021 financial year with the satisfaction of having returned to the highest category. Now we are growing at all levels from the union of all Spanishism, without forgetting the modesty but with enthusiasm and ambition. We are more prepared than ever for the challenges of the present and the future ”, proclaimed the owner of the club. Gone are the messages apocalyptic from its beginnings, like that one dire promise to “play the Champions” in less than three years launched in January 2016. Now common sense rules. Of the mistakes you learn.

The pandemic and the decline

“The objective is to maintain the category, then we will fight for the maximum. We are not going to vary the speech or the message. In the future the goal is grow in equity in all areas: social, economic and sporting. We are in the right direction and we will not set limitsChen answered one of the partners’ questions.

The leader recalled the hardships in a course marked by the pandemic and the decline, that served to reflect. “We have learned from our mistakes and we are doing our best to achieve new achievements in the years to come. This also includes the female teamLet’s hope he follows in the men’s footsteps and returns to First ”.

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Meritorious reduction

The owner of Rastar Group stressed the “communion”Achieved between“ club, fans and team ”and thanked the“ 30,000 parrots with license ”for their involvement in tough times. The capital increase approved half a year ago of 37.8 million has been key to strengthening the structure of a club that approved the lowest debt in recent history: 20.3 million. Last year the figure was 46 million and in 2015, just before the arrival of the Chinese president, it reached 133.

Chen insisted on betting on a quarry which must be the basis of the first men’s and women’s team. “We will redouble our efforts in the training project and we will continue to improve grassroots football facilities. They are ours heart“, Said the president,” proud of the 121 years of history”From Espanyol. “I face the challenges of the future with more enthusiasm and energy than ever,” he remarked.

Sale of players

With 99.65 of the shareholders represented (Chen owns 99.5% himself), the board approved all the points raised, including the losses of 11.4 million compared to the 9 million profit of the previous campaign. The income were reduced to 61 million in 2021 (there were 132 in 2020) and the expenses They were 75 million for the 117 of the previous year. The net worth amounts to 127 million and the salary limit of the workforce is 77.

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The entity, on the other hand, budgets a profit of 20 million euros for this season as a transfer of footballers. The sale would always be at the end of the League, not in the winter market. Players like RDT, Pedrosa el Darder they could get into those plans.

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The club noted that the according to CVC, which will be submitted to a vote this Friday at the LaLiga assembly, would report about 78 million to the blue and white entity. “We have fought a decline and a pandemic, but we have come out stronger. We have achieved a Espanyol stronger. We live a unique moment”Concluded the CEO José María Durán.

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