Wednesday, April 17

Chicago man who saved stranger from train tracks gifted car

A man had just fallen onto the electrified rail on Chicago’s Red Line — seemingly unconscious, convulsing and unable to save himself. A crowd was gathering, and the unfolding tragedy was being recorded.

That’s what Anthony Perry, 20, saw less than a week ago as he got off at his usual train stop on his way home. Perry says he felt compelled to act: He jumped onto the tracks, skipped over the third rail and pulled the man to safety.

It was an act of kindness that would soon lead to national attention for Perry — and a gift that would change his life. But at the time, helping someone in need was all that was on Perry’s mind, he said.

“The guy didn’t have control of his body so I really felt like, if I don’t help him, who will help?” Perry told USA TODAY. “Everybody was just standing around recording.”

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