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“Children are a steamroller of honesty, says Pablo López

Eva González, together with the coaches of ‘La Voz Kids’, Pablo López, Aitana, David Bisbal and the Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. / Atresmedia

‘The voice Kids’

Together with Aitana, David Bisbal and Sebastián Yatra, the singer will be a coach in the new edition of the Antena 3 competition, presented by Eva González

Already a classic of our television, Antena 3 premieres tomorrow (10:00 p.m.) the seventh season of ‘La Voz Kids’ in which, according to those responsible, there will be no lack of emotion and truth that characterize the musical contest that repeats with Eva González as master of ceremonies. The presenter points out that they are committed to continuity because “the mechanics in the children’s edition work by themselves.” «They enjoy it, they don’t suffer and they don’t have a bad time. It is a way to enjoy and play at being adults and stars, which is how they feel every time they step on stage, “reveals the Andalusian.

There will be news, yes, in the group of coaches who will have to turn their chairs in the audition phase to form their own teams of participants made up of young people between 7 and 15 years old. It will be the first time for Aitana and Sebastián Yatra in these tasks after having debuted as advisers in previous editions, while David Bisbal continues in this ‘talent show’ that also adds Pablo López after participating in the adult version of ‘La Voz ‘.

The contest, which is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Boomerang TV, had an average audience share of 20% and more than 2.2 million viewers in its previous season, increasing its audience data among children (22, 7%) and young people (24.5%).

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«Each brand of ‘The Voice’ is different. Children let us play much more, we get carried away by that illusion and self-confidence they have. They go more freely and have that innocence that makes them live the contest more, “says Eva González, for whom the new ‘coaches’ are “even more children” than those of previous editions. “I have been completely upset. I went out on stage and didn’t know what was going to happen, especially because of Yatra, who suddenly disappeared from the set and came with things. He has done very funny crazy things for the children to enjoy, ”says the communicator.

The Colombian artist, who has also participated in ‘La Voz’ in his native country, did not experience the recording of this format “like a television program”, but felt it “like a date between friends who met several times a week”. “We have even made a paella”, confesses Yatra, highlighting the “truth” that the new contestants of the ‘kids’ edition gave off. «The energy goes all in the same direction, which is to have fun. Now I feel a greater love for Spain than I had, “adds the singer.

For Pablo López, children are “a steamroller of honesty.” «I have learned a lot. They tell you their life and they are honest. I have gone home with something new in life. It is being a beautiful vital experience », narrates the one from Fuengirola. An attitude, that of the participants, that made it easier for him to face this new professional challenge when he had to face saying “no” to one of the contestants. “It was one of the fears he had. It is not easy, but everything has gone smoothly in a less dramatic way thanks to the children », he adds. «I came very worried because it is difficult for me, in life, to say no to things, imagine a child. It has been easy thanks to them. They did not cry, and if they did it was from emotion and happiness, “adds, for her part, Aitana.

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From contestant to coach

The Catalan singer makes her debut as a coach on Antena 3 at the age of 22, just five years after leaving ‘Operación Triunfo’ (where she came in second, behind Amaia Romero) and having become one of the stars of Spanish music. «When they proposed it to me, I thought that I did not know what it could contribute to the children. At the end I said that I wanted to have a good time, that it would be a nice experience and also give the contestants confidence, because they are going to see something that has happened to me », she explains. «I see them calm with me. The most beautiful thing is to enjoy the journey », she points out.

However, Aitana confesses that, for her, it was more difficult to be a contestant on a great ‘talent show’ like ‘Operación Triunfo’ than to participate as a coach in ‘La Voz Kids’. She remembers that she came to the TVE program when she was barely 18 years old and left her town after finishing high school. She says that entering a format of these characteristics made her feel judged not only by the jury, but also by the people. “Unintentionally, you tensed up a bit. It was hard for me to let go of that. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was something that I got into my head », she is honest.

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