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Chimes Guide | Cristina Pedroche, Anne Igartiburu, Paz Padilla, Dani Mateo and other options that you did not know

It is New Years Eve and with it comes the Chimes from end of the year. The most special moment of the year on television occurs tonight when we will all welcome 2022. The main chains have relied on their most popular faces to change the year and YOTELE we want to remember who will be in charge of giving the most anticipated countdown in the stations generalists and autonomous communities, as well as in other groundbreaking bets in the digital field.

Anne Igartiburu and Jacob Petrus on TVE after the unexpected loss of Ana Obregón

The unexpected low of Ana Obregon after testing positive covid-19 has forced TVE to change its plans at the last hour. Jacob Petrus will be the substitute for the actress and will accompany Anne Gartiburu in the retransmission of the chimes. In this way and after conducting the ‘Gala Inocente, innocente 2021’ together, the presenter of ‘Aqui la tierra’ will be in charge of the broadcast of the Chimes for the first time, which will be the 17th consecutive for the communicator.

Roberto Herrera and Nieves Álvarez will present the Campanadas on TVE for the Canary Islands

An hour later, Nieves Álvarez and Roberto Herrera will take over from Anne Igartiburu and Jacob Petrus from Canary Islands, specifically from the island of The Palm. This year, on the occasion of the volcanic eruption, there will be the solidarity bells ‘RTVE We are all La Palma’. The presenters will thus cover those evicted by the eruption on the 20th anniversary in the broadcast.

Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote, mythical couple of Antena 3

Antena 3 bets on the safe side and repeats presenters for the fifth consecutive year. Cristina Pedroche placeholder image Y Alberto Chicote will return to the balcony in the most famous square on television with the great expectation generated around the presenter’s dress. This year he has recognized “that it will be very comfortable.” You will have to wait until almost 00:00 to discover which model you surprise with on this occasion.

Dani Mateo and Cristina Pardo will welcome the new year at laSexta

Current affairs and humor are the great pillars of laSexta and that is why the Atresmedia chain entrusts New Year’s Eve to two of its star presenters in this matter. Dani Mateo Y Cristina Pardo will give the bells in the green chain of Atresmedia from Puerta del Sol. The presenters will try to overcome the audience figures from previous years that have placed them behind La 1, Antena 3 and Telecinco.

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Mediaset bets on Carlos Sobera and Paz Padilla from Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Not all chains will say goodbye to the year from the capital. Carlos Sobera Y Paz Padilla will take the Campanadas de Mediaset to Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz), from where the 12 grapes will be eaten twice at midnight.

Canal Sur will say goodbye to the year from Ronda with María del Monte and Pepe Da-Rosa

Maria del Monte and Pepe Da-Rosa They will be in charge of saying goodbye to 2021 and entering 2022 in the special ‘Las uvas de Andalucía’ by Canal Sur Televisión, which will take place in the Plaza de España in Ronda (Málaga). As in the case of Ana Obregón on TVE, Da-Rosa replaces Modesto Barragán at the last minute, who will not be able to be in the special program of Andalusian television after having tested positive for covid.

Elena Gadel and Llucià Ferrer, on TV3

The Catalan public channel has decided to move to Avinguda Maria Cristina in Barcelona to say goodbye to the year. For the occasion, TV3 has trusted Elena Gadel, singer and star of ‘Com si fos ahir’, and Llucià Ferrer, host of ‘Atrapa’m si pots’

Máximo Huerta and Àlex Blanquer, in À punt

À Punt also relies on two of its most recognized faces to lead its special ‘Benvingut 2022.’ Máximo Huerta and Àlex Blanquer will give their first bells on Valencian regional television from Plaça de l’Ajuntament de València.

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Francine Gálvez, Emilio Pineda and María López, on Telemadrid

Telemadrid has chosen a trio to present the New Year’s Eve Chimes. Francine Gálvez, Emilio Pineda and María López They will be in charge of connecting with all the people of Madrid from Puerta del Sol.

Ana Urrutia will accompany Ane Ibarzabal and Aitor Albizu in the ETB chimes after Africa Baeta’s positive

Like TVE and Canal Sur, ETB has also had to unexpectedly change its plans for its retransmission of the end-of-year Chimes. Ana Urrutia will accompany Ane Ibarzabal and Aitor Albizu in the broadcast of this special after Africa Baeta has tested positive for covid in the last hours.

RTVC: Eloísa González, Antonia San Juan and Dani Calero

Televisión Canaria will say goodbye from La Palma this 2021 marked by the volcanic eruption. Eloísa González, Fátima Plata, Victorio Pérez and Petite Lorena will be in charge of conducting this broadcast from Los Llanos de Aridane. The chimes will be followed by the clock on the tower of the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.

At 8:55 p.m., before the Chimes, Televisión Canaria offers a special gala from La Palma whose title makes a nod to this year’s Christmas carol: ‘Eight sunrises on La Palma’. The program will be hosted by Eloísa González and other presenters from the chain who have had a greater informative link with the island of La Palma, such as Fátima Plata (Informative Services) or Victorio Pérez (‘One hour less’).

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After the Chimes, the Gala takes up its second part ‘Eight sunrises on La Palma’ with musical and humorous performances. Groups and artists will participate such as Anaé, Claritzel, Ruts & La Isla Music, Sara Almeida, Mikelo X Stereoman, Marta Solís, Patricia Legardón, Abel Cordovez, Carla Jam, Germán Gil, Manuel Estupiñan, Neo Pinto, Raquel Amegashie, Last Key, Beach Coco and Dácil Santana.

Teresa Portela, Noelia Rey and Arturo Fernández, the TVG trio

In Galicia, Teresa Portela will be in charge of broadcasting the Bells for Galician Television. Noelia Rey and Arturo Fernández, presenters of ‘Malicia Noticias’, will be the Olympic medalist on TVG coverage from Praza do Obradoiro. This trio replaces the duet that Ana Peleteiro and Gayoso formed last year. The presenter of Luar, a regular in these broadcasts, will not take his usual place to welcome 2022.

Regional bets

In the list of regional channels we cannot forget the presenters in charge of broadcasting the countdown to 2021 in other areas of Spain. In RTPA, public radio station of Asturias, will conduct the Campanadas Ana Francisco and Alberto Rodríguez; in IB3 (Balearic Islands) will present them Miquel Montoro, Àngela Alfaro and David Ordinas; in 7TV Region of Murcia will have Kika Frutos and Xuso Jones (‘Your face sounds mini to me’); Iñaki Urrutia and Blanca Liso will be responsible for Aragon TV, Y Mariló Leal and Carlos Macías will say goodbye to 2020 in Castilla-La Mancha Media.

Digital betting: Ibai Llanos, on Twitch

Ibai Llanos will end the year giving his own Chimes again with the mythical Ramón García. It will do so through Twitch in a farewell of the year aimed at the ‘millennials’ to stand up to the generalist televisions. The influencer, known for broadcasting his games of ‘Among Us’ with famous soccer players, has assured that it will be something totally different from what has been seen so far.

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