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China and Russia do the pincer to the US and ask for a meeting of the UN Security Council


The head of Russian diplomacy lands in the city of Guilin, in southern China, just two days after the tense meeting in Alaska between the heads of diplomacy of Beijing and Washington.

Sergei Lavrov with su hom
Sergei Lavrov with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Guilin, ChinaREUTERS
  • Europe West imposes sanctions on China for Uighur “genocide” in Xinjiang
  • China to USA “Human rights are at a low ebb, with blacks being massacred”

“No matter how chaotic the world is, the friendship between China and Russia will not be shaken.” Were the first words last night of Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister. His statement appears in a statement from the Chinese agency Xinhua just before the intervention of his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov: “The model of interaction between Russia and China is at its best in all history, it is free from ideological ties, it is not subject to opportunism and it is not directed against anyone.” Instead, Lavrov did later point to a rival he shared with his friend China. “The United States wants to preserve its dominance in the global economy at all costs and in international politics, imposing his will on everyone and everywhere, “he added.

Minister Lavrov was landing in the city of Guilin, in southern China, just two days after the tense meeting in Alaska between the heads of diplomacy from Beijing and Washington. The meeting also coincided with the sanctions against China by the European Union, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for the repression against the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. Sanctions that, according to Lavrov, both Russia and China consider “unacceptable.” Both ministers called for more countries to join their “strong opposition” to the Western sanctions.

“Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov noted that the international community believes that the United States should reflect on the damage it has caused to world peace and development in recent years, cease unilateral intimidation, stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, and stop forming small circles to seek the confrontation en bloc, “says a statement from Xinhua.

This Tuesday, the two Foreign Ministers continued their meeting. According to an official statement, both have discussed the Iranian nuclear agreement, the Afghan peace process, the situation in Burma after the military coup and climate change. But one of the purposes of the talks has been to create a common front against the United States. For this, the first movement is the request that both countries have made for it to be held an urgent summit between the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

“At a time of increasing global political turbulence, this summit is particularly necessary to establish a direct dialogue on ways to solve the common problems of humanity in the interest of maintaining global stability,” reads the joint statement. The name of the United States appears in another note from the Russian agency TASS, which quotes Lavrov as saying that “The United States is acting destructively.”

A few words that come a week after the American president, Joe Biden, called his Russian counterpart a “murderer”, Vladimir Putin. The Russian agency also noted that Lavrov accused Brussels of “destroying” ties between Russia and the European Union and that Moscow now only has relations “with individual EU nations.”

Also on Tuesday, Hua ChunyingChinese Foreign Spokesperson praised the good bilateral relations between Beijing and Moscow. “Shoulder to shoulder in close cooperation and strong opposition to hegemony and intimidation, both countries have been a pillar of world peace and stability, “Hua said.

Alliances against China’s advance

After the meeting, the Russian minister headed to South Korea, where his counterpart awaits him. Chung Eui-yong to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Last week, it was United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Advisor, Jake SullivanThose who were in South Korea – and in Japan – to strengthen their alliances against the advance of China in the region. Minister Wang Yi, who is going to begin a trip to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Omn and Barin is not going to stay in the Asian giant either.

In Beijing the day has been complete, since the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, you have exchanged messages with your other North Korean neighbor, Kim Jong-un. The North Korean agency KCNA points out that its leader has asked Beijing for greater “unity and cooperation” with China against the challenges posed by “hostile forces”.

If there were not a few movements and darts from one side to another that there have been in these days, this morning from Australia and New Zealand they have joined the support of the Western sanctions against China for the violations of the human rights of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. “The abuses include restrictions on freedom of religion, mass surveillance, extrajudicial mass arrests, as well as forced labor and forced birth controls, including sterilizations,” says a note signed by the Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, and the New Zealander, Nanaia Mahuta.

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