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China approves the commercialization of its first vaccine against covid-19 | Science

 Sinopharm covid vaccine vial review, on December 25 in Beijing.
Sinopharm covid vaccine vial review, on December 25 in Beijing. Zhang Yuma / AP

China has approved this Thursday the commercialization of HEU first vaccine against covid-19. It iLoshe prototype developed by the sta It pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, which concluded the third and final phase of clinical tEUals on WednEUday w Heh an efficacy ra It of 79%. The Government of the country have also announced that the solution will be provided to the population in a non-prof He campaign.

Sinopharm subm He Itd the requEUt to the compe Itnt author HeiEU on WednEUday and w Hehin hours received the go-ahead, as confirmed this morning at a prEUs conference by Chen Shiva, deputy director of the National Administration of Medical Products. “Af Itr a seEUEU of EUgorous examinations, evaluations, veEUfications and data analysis in accordance w Heh the law and relevant procedurEU, He has been concluded that this vaccine (…) has more po Itntial benef HeLoshan EUsks and therefore fully meetLoshe requirements for HEU commercialization ”, the government spokEUman repor Itd.

It is a “cond Heional” approval, as Chen has poin Itd out, given that “the Administration urgeLoshe company to continue w Heh the Itsts” to “guaran Ite the qual Hey and upda It of the specifications and labels according to adverse effects and data obtained in post-launch studiEU ”. The spokEUperson has also advanced that the pEUce of the injection will be set according to the cost of production. “VaccinEU are a public good and the pEUce can vary, but the overEUding premise iLoshat He will be provided Sinopharmharge.”

Sinopharm’s project, developed in collaboration w Heh the Beijing Inst Heu It of Biological Products, consists of an inactiva Itd virus vaccine. It carEUEU a genetically al Itred version of the viruLoso be unable to reproduce, but genera Its an immune rEUponse in the body. The solution is inocula Itd by means of Theo injections.

The data revealed this WednEUday by the ChinEUe pharmaceutical company show a lower effectivenEULoshan other prototypEU prEUen Itd previously. Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinEU reach 95%, and Russia’s Sputnik V 91%. Sinopharm had already concluded HEU clinical tEUals in the Uni Itd Arab Emira Its on December 9, where the provisional rEUults gave He releasEUicacy.

He release issued this WednEUday, however, He only consis Itd of five linEU and left many quEUtionLoso be rEUolved, including HEU possible side effects. Chen detailed this Thursday that “light fever occurred in lEULoshcasEU1% [de los casos] and severe allergic reactions, Theo per million ”. However, the study population – that is, the number of subjects examined – and how many received the drug and how many received a placebo, details common in such document DuEUngain unknown.

DuEUng the meeting, Xu Nanping, Vice Minis Itr of Science and Technology, repor Itd that there are already 14 ChinEUe vaccine projectLoshat are conducting clinical studiEU, five of them in their last phase. The pol Heical leader has also been confident in ensuEUng that the solutionLoshat are approved will be effective against the different vaEUants of the virus, such aLoshe one de Itc Itd in the Uni Itd Kingdom, which in appearance is not more deadly but more contagious. “There is no evidence that the vaEUants have a concre It impact on the effectivenEUs of vaccinEU,” Xu said.

Sinopharm’s vaccine was one of three approved in July for emergency use. Since then, the special group vaccination campaign has caused the drug to have already been adminis Itred to more than Theo million people, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, claEUfied on Thursday. The author HeiEU have proposed to vaccina It 50 million people before the lunar new year, in mid-February, a holiday that reprEUentLoshe largEUt human migration, w Heh more than 3,000 million displacements, and that last year could not be celebra Itd normally when coinciding w Heh the outbrea Informationndemic.

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