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China calls on Biden to develop “healthy” relations and “coexist in peace”

“China and the United States should improve their communication and cooperation,” said Xi, who mentioned being happy to see “his old friend.”


Chinese President Xi Jinping called on his US counterpart Joe Biden to develop “healthy and stable” relations during the virtual meeting that both held this Monday, Washington time (Tuesday morning in Beijing).

Xi stated that “China and the United States must respect each other, coexist in peace, cooperate, properly manage internal affairs, and assume their international responsibilities.”mentioned the state news agency Xinhua.

According to the source, Xi told Biden that he is “prepared” to work with him to “build consensus.” and “take steps” to redirect relationships.

The Chinese leader stressed that “China and the United States are at a critical stage of their development” and in that both countries have the obligation to maintain a “peaceful and stable” international order.

Likewise, Xi cited climate change and the fight against the pandemic as priority “global challenges” in which to cooperate.

According to Xi, that the US and China work side by side is “a desire shared by our two peoples and by those of the whole world and the joint mission that the Chinese and American leaders have ”.

The virtual meeting comes after the telephone conversation between the two leaders last September, in which Biden and Xi recognized their responsibility to ensure that “competition” between their respective countries “does not lead to conflict.”

Relations between the two powers deteriorated during the presidency of Donald Trump (2017-2021) with attacks in fields such as commercial, technological, diplomatic, security, on account of human rights and the situation in Taiwan.

In the last meetings between officials of both countries, The United States reiterated to China its concern for human rights in the Xinjiang region, in Hong Kong, and the situation in the South China Sea.

For its part, Beijing hopes that Washington will adopt “rational and pragmatic policies” and not use “issues related to sovereignty and security” to “interfere in China’s internal affairs.”

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