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China ‘punishes’ a Spanish official who lied about Covid-19


He has spent more than two months in quarantine for hiding from the Asian country that he passed the disease

Pedro S
Pedro Snchez and Xi Jinping, in a visit of the Chinese president to Spain in 2018.BERNARDO DAZ
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Javier Fernndez has spent the last two and a half months in China doing many quarantines within the same quarantine. From the hospital to home, then back to the hospital, back home, then to a hotel … Until last week he was released and he got on a cargo Airbus stopping at Hamburg. Finally, he caught a commercial plane bound for Espaa.

Javier was punished for saying that the Covid had not happened when it was not true. He lied to the Chinese authorities when he returned in the summer from Spain and they have taken revenge by making him go through hell, manufacturing continuous PCR with positive results that were not. That is the interpretation of the convoluted case that they make from the Spanish embassy in Beijing.

This is where this civil servant, a technical advisor to the Minister of Education, which would probably remain in quarantine if the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jos Manuel Albares, had not interceded. He asked his Chinese counterpart during a video conference earlier in the month to release Javier.

They have made him dizzy like a bull. First with an admission to a hospital Pekn of almost 15 days, after three weeks locked up at home and again back to the hospital because he had again supposedly tested positive. A few days later they sent him home again, but his neighborhood committee did not want him to be there for fear that he would infect the neighbors and in the end they sent him to a hotel, says a source from the Spanish diplomatic delegation in China. .

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The official espa
The Spanish official Javier Fernndez.E.M.

In the embassy they believe that Beijing has taken revenge by putting him through hell

Let’s put a bit of context. After spending the summer holidays in his homeland, MurciaJavier returned to Beijing in mid-August, where he has lived for three years. The Asian country has closed its borders since March 24, 2020. Only nationals, foreigners with valid residence permits and diplomats attached to embassies or consulates can enter. All of them have to comply with a mandatory quarantine that varies from 14 to 28 days, depending on which city they land in, in a hotel room paid for by the guest, but chosen by the Chinese authorities. The only exception are ambassadors, who are allowed to quarantine at their residence.

Javier, 48 hours before catching the plane back to China, had to have a PCR and a IgM (antibodies). These tests must be carried out in a laboratory chosen by the Chinese embassy in Madrid. The results are sent directly to the diplomatic legation. The traveler, in addition, has to fill out and sign a form responding if they are vaccinated and if they have passed the Covid-19. In the last section lies everything that has happened to Javier: he checked the box that the coronavirus had not happened when it was not true. He flew to China with a negative PCR, but upon arrival, he suddenly became positive. There began his odyssey.

Minister Albares had to intercede so that he could get out of his confinement

From the Spanish embassy they maintain that the Chinese authorities, reviewing the blood test that Javier had to take to fly to the Asian country, realized through his antibodies that he had been infected at some point and decided to punish him for not having reported it. Javier spent, for example, the entire quarantine giving negative in the PCR that they did every 48 or 72 hours. But it was time to get out and mysteriously became Covid positive. Again locked up. In the end, the Spanish ambassador in Beijing, Rafael DezcallarFaced with the null responses from the Chinese authorities, he insisted to Madrid that Minister Albares include Javier’s case in the topics that he was going to discuss at his meeting by videoconference on November 2 with Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister.

The perseverance of the ambassador – brother of another famous Dezcallar, Jorge, diplomat and former director of the CNI– it worked. Albares, in addition to chatting about the economic relations between the two countries, explained to his Chinese colleague the situation of the Spanish official in quarantine. That served to finally get him released last week. Javier has not tested positive again.

Pedro Sánchez has spent more than a year unsuccessfully probing a trip to the country

Spain has never had a special economic or political weight within China. But different from USA or other European countries, from Beijing they have always seen Spain as a friendly country, which does not bother or make noise with human rights complaints, and which is also a good buyer and a fertile ground in which to invest. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chinese President Xi Jinping has spoken a couple of times with Pedro Sánchez, who has been unsuccessfully probing a trip to Beijing for more than a year. The capital of China is fully armored and for now there are no exceptions for foreign leaders who want to make a state trip to escape quarantine.

Fluid relations have also had the heads of Spanish diplomacy, first the former Minister Arancha Gonzlez Laya and now Albares, with the Chinese Foreign Minister. Gonzlez Laya, before being dismissed, also tried to travel to China, in this case to the city of Chengdu, to the southwest, where last year Spain opened a new consulate, the fifth in the Asian country, which would serve as a hook to attract tourism from its province to Spain, Sichuan, which has more than 82 million inhabitants. However, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the new consulate has not been able to present itself officially and is barely operational because there is only one consul and one administrative officer.

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