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China shows muscle amid chaos in America

Beijing boasts of its authoritarianism because “it works, it is stable and gives security and progress” while in the US “those who so much like to give lessons and talk about democracy, are as if they were starting an American spring”

Trump supporters climb the walls of the Washington Capitol on Wednesday.
Trump supporters climb the walls of the Washington Capitol on Wednesday.STEPHANIE KEITHREUTERS

Julio Ríos, director of the Observatory of Chinese Politics and one of the leading Spanish specialists in the politics of the Asian country, has written an article on the Observatory’s page, following what happened in the Capitol in Washington, in which he explains how lhe historical admiration that the Chinese felt for the United States has gradually disappeared.

“What in China would be called the ‘Capitol Incident’ can mark a third turning point and give the coup de grace to any hint of residual admiration. It is true that Xi Jinping comes to the hair to once again show strength in front of some riots that can easily be described as an expression of the decadence of American democracy, although they could well act as a revulsive. They will say that now they are trying their own medicine, a ‘color revolution’ like those instigated by half the world, even in ‘their world : Taipei or Hong Kong, let’s say, “explains Ríos.

While the rest of the democratic countries contemplated the assault on the Capitol with astonishment and horror, Beijing has found in the chaos caused by the supporters of Donald Trump the best excuse to reaffirm its system. Authoritarianism, increasingly reinforced by the Chinese political elite, is forceful when it comes to curbing any protest and division. “Our citizens believe in our political system. It works, is stable and gives security and progress to the people. In the United States, those who like to give lessons and talk about democracy so much, are as if they were starting an American spring,” they say from the Communication department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs chino.

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In the Asian country, the reaction to what happened in Washington has been very different from that of the rest of the world. The state media rejoiced and pulled sarcasm in the chronicles. Meanwhile, in social networks like Weibo, where many memes continue to circulate, users bet more on mockery. As Xulio Ríos explained in his article, in China there is little left of that historical admiration for the United States.

“The unprecedented mob on Capitol Hill, symbol of a collapsed political system, is the result of the severe division of American society and the country’s failure to control that division. Some political figures in the United States denounced the chaos of the Capitol as a attack on their democracy, as if it were still intact and the attacks came mainly from abroad, “reads a state tabloid editorial Global Times.

“American society really needs to examine itself carefully. Its political system is outdated. American elites should confront the flaws of their country and stop covering up their own problems with extreme conflicts that stigmatize and repress other countries,” says another. newspaper editorial Huanqiu, also controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

“What happened in the United States Capitol has burst the bubbles of democracy, freedoms and universal values ​​that they have always used to convince others,” he said yesterday Shen Yi, professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, Shanghai.

Presuming stability in a one-party regime is not convincing in Western democracies. But while the United States reels, it is indisputable that China has strengthened its power and position on the global geopolitical chessboard.. Internally, they have a growing economy and the pandemic is apparently under control, save for small outbreaks. Abroad, while in rival country Trump muddled the transition to a new Democratic Party president, Beijing has achieved the world’s largest trade agreement with 15 Asian countries and an unprecedented investment pact with the European Union.

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The violence seen in Washington has already been incorporated into the official Beijing narrative to show muscle before Biden sits in the White House Oval Office. In the Chinese Foreign Ministry, there are some officials who acknowledge that Donald Trump’s angry legislature has served them well for their expansion strategy – diplomatic, commercial and military-, to strengthen ties with its historical allies and to solve old quarrels with other countries not so friendly.

China grows, gains ground and boasts about it. Meanwhile, in a less and less concealed way and in the absence of serious international pressure, take the opportunity to sweep the attempts that were left of freedoms (expression, demonstration, press …) in territories such as Hong Kong.

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