Wednesday, June 29

China: the risk of a new arms race posed by Beijing’s new hypersonic missile

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China's hypersonic weapons vehicles at a parade in Beijing in 2019

Image source, Getty Images

When it emerged that China had tested a new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, some analysts said it was a inflection point that took by surprise a Washington. But ¿qWhat are the implications? Jonathan Marcus from the Institute for Strategy and Security at the University of Exeter (UK), offers his point of view.

Twice this year, the Chinese military launched a rocket into space that circled the planet before accelerating toward its target.

On the first occasion, he failed to hit his target for roughly 40 km, according to people briefed with intelligence who spoke to him. Financial Times, the newspaper that first released the story.

While some American politicians and analysts were alarmed by China’s apparent progress, Beijing was quick to deny the reports, insisting that it was the test of a reusable spacecraft.

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