Thursday, January 21

China’s “dual circulation”, Xi Jinping’s strategy to protect the country from “headwinds” abroad

  • Tamara Gil – @_tamaragil
  • BBC World News


The “dual circulation” is an economic strategy outlined by Chinese leaders.

In recent months, two words began to appear more and more prominently in China’s official documents or in the statements of its leaders: “Double circulation,” a kind of economic strategy that points to “a potential paradigm shift.”

The concept was proposed by President Xi Jinping in May, and more details were expected to be learned after the hermetic plenary session of the Communist Party (CPC) Central Committee in October, in which the ruling body discussed the country’s goals for the next five years.

Little was revealed of the “economy of Double circulation” after that closed-door meeting: the subsequent statement limited itself to stating that this model would be promoted, combining efforts to expand domestic demand through supply-side reforms.

However, what has been published so far and the analyzes of observers of the Chinese news offer some clues.

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