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Chinese Communists: Apotheosis of the One Party | Opinion

Supporters of the Communist Party of China during the commemoration ceremony of the First National Party Congress in Shanghai, China, on June 10.
Supporters of the Communist Party of China during the commemoration ceremony of the First National Party Congress in Shanghai, China, on June 10.Alex Plavevski / EFE

The Chinese communists are celebrating. Today they celebrate their centenary. With 92 million members, it is the largest party in the world and in history, and the most powerful in all aspects, from the population under its Government, a fifth of humanity, to the institutions, companies and its armed forces. , also the largest in the world. No current party has been in power for that long. Although it has not yet surpassed the Bolshevik record, the 74 years of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, its state of form is enviable when it is already so close to reaching it, in 2023. The Chinese economy, the second world, grew by 18 ′ 3% in the first quarter of 2021, figures that contrast with the decline of the ruined country of the Soviets at the time when, with the same longevity, it was already a dying superpower.

Denying the bad western omens, the covid has not been the Chinese Chernobyl, but quite the opposite, the occasion to demonstrate the health, economic and technological effectiveness of the party’s dictatorship and its willingness to fight for hegemony as a superpower. The celebrations are aimed precisely at exhibiting the radiant future that awaits Chinese communism and even offering themselves as an alternative model to Western democracy, presented as declining by the Chinese authorities, thus refuting historical nihilism, the sin of those who remember their responsibilities. of the Party in the terrible famine that the country suffered in the early 1960s, the disaster of the so-called Great Cultural Revolution or the bloody repression of the student protest in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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These events remain in the memory of those who suffered them and their families, but they have been distorted or obliterated by official history. Until a couple of years ago, Hong Kong still celebrated Tiananmen with a massive night vigil, which in 2020 was banned because of the covid and this year due to the application of the new security law secretly dictated from Beijing, precisely on the 30th. June 2020, another anniversary with no celebration. Remembering him is also a matter for historical nihilists, like everything that questions the centrality and monopoly of the single party and the cult of its top leader, Xi Jinping, recognized by the Central Committee as the navigator and main helmsman, almost at the height Mao Zedong, the Great Helmsman, and next to Deng Xiaoping, the Little Helmsman.

The collective leadership that led the party after the excesses of Mao and his cult of personality no longer rules with Xi, just as the limitation of terms and the generational change every ten years has also declined, so that the current communist secretary general may aspire in 2022, in the XX Congress, to return to the Stalinist tradition of the dictatorship for life. Mao made war and revolution and founded the people’s republic. Deng Xiaoping propelled China on the path of prosperity and lifted millions of Chinese out of poverty. Xi Jinping, Mao’s emulator in the 21st century, faces the challenge of completing Chinese unification, with the annexation of Taiwan and the colonization of the South China Sea, after crushing the Uighur minority and ending freedoms in China. Hong Kong.

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In the absence of a deep and rapid renewal of Western democracies, and especially the rival and greatest of them all, the American one, Xi Jinping’s model is offered to the worshipers of economic efficiency and social order as a new dystopia. available and also the most disturbing. Besides being a centenary, it is a warning and a threat.

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