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Chiquis Rivera reveals her sexual fantasies and tastes in intimacy

Chiquis Rivera talks about her sexual fantasies and what she likes the most in privacy.

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Singer Chiquis Rivera placeholder image returns to the eye of the hurricane and not for having appeared with a new lover or for leaving his tiny waist in sight, but for having given an interview to the actor and presenter Omar chaparro for the program that Estrella TV has. In it, the daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera got spicy and revealed your sexual fantasies: a threesome with another woman and another man and her weak point, which is nothing more than what turns her on in a man. As well as some of its tastes in privacy.

With a neckline that reached her waist and that made it very clear that Chiquis was not wearing a bra, the former Lorenzo Mendez gave an interview very removed from pain where his sexual fantasies they floated up. Omar chaparro He asked him what, if he had to have a threesome with some famous person with whom he was. Chiquis replied that Julión Álvarez and with Eduin Caz. But taking it personally, he assured: “With another woman and another man“. But on the same personal level with celebrities, she said that with none, unless they were George Clooney and “The Rock”, which, as the singer herself implied, is very distant and unlikely.

He also spoke of his preferred position which is that of the puppy (this apologizing in advance to his grandmother madam Rosa). Assured that he loves to kiss and to be grabbed by “the bubbles” strong: “I love him”, she said very sure of this answer. This is undoubtedly one of the hottest interviews what has offered Chiquis Rivera placeholder image.

However, it is not the first time that he makes some kind of statements in this regard. At some point he spoke of his tastes for “unprotected” sex, only if it is your formal partner and with whom you already have time. At that time, he also drew the attention of all his followers for the frankness of his statements.

Obviously he delighted the regular audience of the program “Tu-Night with Omar Chaparro” with his voice and to the rhythm of regional Mexican music.

There is no doubt that for Chiquis, everyday life and simplicity make her close to her fans and not just another famous person. She is always honest when answering so this may surprise many. Even recently they asked her about the divorce process of Lorenzo Méndez and she said, very frankly: “I’m already ready and I’m waiting for him to respond ”. For his part, Lorenzo asserted: “Everything has already been discussed. Yes, I already signed ”.

On the other hand, a week ago a controversy broke out where in “Gossip No Like” they point out that she had gone to Tijuana and get a liposculpture with a plastic surgeon from there. She clarified for the second time that it is the lemon water that has helped her, in addition to a balanced diet, demanding exercise routines and various supplements.

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