Wednesday, June 16

Chiquis Rivera reveals that a new cosmetic surgery will be done

Just a few days ago Chiquis Rivera placeholder image caused a commotion in Instagram by lowering your pants, raising your shirt and showing that you have a bee waistband and that it is reduced in measures more and more. Now he went to visit a plastic surgeon, as he plans to have a new cosmetic surgery. The procedure will be to place breast implants in your breasts again, as you had removed them in the past.

Chiquis went up Tijuana to see a plastic surgeon. After the winner of the Grammy Award to publish the photo everyone related that image to the video in which he showed off his waist as Shakira and they even assured that it was surely due to some operation that the singer had already done. For this same reason, Chiquis came out, as usual, to clarify the situation in a frontal way.

“… Right now they are saying that because they saw me I took a photo with a doctor in Tijuana on Friday that I had something done, that I had surgery… I mean, I don’t understand… I am the type of woman who feels very safe with who I am . I don’t have to pretend, or anything like that … The people who saw that photo with the doctor were not because I had a lipo, no. It’s because I’m going to get boobies and very soon … “

The artist explained that she had removed the implants some time ago, but that now she will put them back in and that she is going to fix her breasts a little: “Because I want and it is my life.” This with respect to the two and a half of whether the enviable waistband that he boasted these days was due to a visit to the operating room.

Of her evident weight loss, Chiquis assured that she has been eating better, not one hundred percent “clean” but that she does take care of herself as much as possible. He stated that he has been training a lot and five times a week plus supplements such as greens, vitamins and collagen in addition to the amount of water he claims to be taking. He took the opportunity to give a powerful phrase: “I have my waist because I work for it.”

On the other hand, the beautiful judge of “I have talent, a lot of talent”He said that he would not have to give an explanation, but that he does it because he laughs that he cannot take a photo with someone because they already claim that he is his boyfriend or they draw any kind of conclusion without knowing the truth. It is presumed that this clarified it not only because of the photo with the plastic surgeon but because several times he has been seen in images with Emilio Sánchez, photographer of her friend and singer also Becky G, and with whom they attribute a romance that she has not affirmed or denied.

There is no doubt that the physical change of the ex Lorenzo Mendez and all the effort that he has been making is bearing fruit, because the great body that he is taking is undeniable. Not for nothing is a motivation and an example to follow for many “curvy” women like her.

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