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Chiquis Rivera shares a heartfelt message dedicated to his brothers and they do not turn their back on him

Chiquis Rivera can be seen naked and barely covers her crotch with a towel while she massages herself.

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The Rivera family have always been a family that has lived in the public eye. Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and his brothers have starred in positive and negative scandals around their private lives before the press. Now they face a terrible crisis that apparently has ended up generating two sides, in one are the children of Jenni Rivera, in the other the brothers of the deceased.

The inheritance of the “Diva of the band” He has uncovered a great family chaos and at the moment it seems that this cannot be fixed. Juan Rivera remains faithful to Rosie; Lupillo, for his part, seems to stay away from everything, although he does not show himself in favor or on the side of his brother Juan. And both have been sending strong hints to each other, some of these even sound like threats.

However, regardless of what they are saying to each other, Chiquis as the older sister of Jenni Rivera’s heirs: Jacquie, Michael, Johnny and Jenicka, has taken it upon herself to remind them and the rest of the world that whatever happens she is there for all of them.

Here are the words of Chiquis Rivera, the ones that have made the occasional famous person cry:

“Again, we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” “I know that life has been difficult and many people have disappointed you, but you can be sure of the love and passion that my heart feels for each one of you. For as long as I can remember, her well-being has been a priority in my life, and it will continue to be… because I care, because it is my duty as her older sister, and because that is the promise I made to Mom.“.

Chiquis adds: “I know that Mom is not here with us, but I know that she is guiding us and wants the best for us. We will be fine, whatever happens ”.

“This is how we were built and this is how we will remain #FirmeYSinTemor! Don’t let other people’s opinion of you, especially those who don’t really know you, or who haven’t cared enough over the past 9 years to simply ask, “How are you? did you eat today? “Affect their heart or change the direction of the mission that you set out to conquer.”

“We may not have mom or dad here, but, They have a sister who is willing to do ANYTHING to make sure her heart, mind, and soul are always right. Forever! It doesn’t matter what or who! I endorse them“.

Through this publication, the singer has made her brothers and her audience see the commitment that she has acquired with her brothers and with her mother and she is not willing to break it: “And if I don’t know a path, I will discover it just as she did. I teach. That is my promise to you ”.

“You are my heroes. With everything you’ve been through, you might have been lost souls, but instead you have become adults that I admire. They are stronger and wiser than many people I know, and I am proud to say that I helped raise them. Everything will be fine. I know. Simply because when they do things with good intentions, God always supports them. #WithGodTodoSinElNada“.

With this text, Chiquis also wanted to remind her brothers of the words that their mothers dedicated to them: “You’re MY goddamn kids!”.

He also dedicated a few words to Jenni Rivera: “Mom, the plan we had is still working and I know that you are helping me and guiding me from where you are. Thanks! I see it and feel it daily. You are my rock, and now the wind under MY wings. I miss you so much“.

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