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Chiquis Rivera’s ex-brother-in-law apologizes for messing with his career and she responds

Chiquis Rivera’s ex-brother-in-law, Jhonny Méndez, apologizes for having attacked her on Instagram and saying: “She doesn’t sing.” Chiquis did not remain silent and answered him.

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The brother of the ex-husband of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image that is, his brother-in-law Jhonny Mendez, used social networks to apologize to the singer for having said: “She does not sing“, After days before he used the same way to say that these words are cataloged as:”A mistake“. So the gentleman plucked up his courage and made his apologies public.

The brother of whom until now was the husband of the daughter of Jenni Rivera He would have said that if his followers attended a concert of the singer, he would stop following them. He never mentioned her name, but everything indicated that he was referring to the winner of the Grammy Award.

“… I just found out yesterday that the one who swears she sings, who is from Los Angeles, is going to perform in El Paso. It is the only description I will give. The one who understood, understood. Who will go? I’m going to start blocking people “, were the rude words of the brother of Lorenzo Mendez.

Hours later, her own Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, who rarely remains silent in the face of these remarks, allegedly said that her ex-brother-in-law spoke this way about her “By pen *****”. Without making a lot of noise.

But something happened and Jhonny Mendez He retracted the cruel words and apologized not only to Chiquis but to the entire Rivera family and included his fans as well.

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“… Followers of Chiquis, followers of Lorenzo. I’m here to apologize to Chiquis Rivera because I know what I did was wrong. I know that we are all human, we all make mistakes … to your family, Los Rivera, you all deserve respect … for everything you have done “, you can see and hear the gentleman in a video published by the program”Tell me what you know“, Which reviewed the same in his account Instagram.

Méndez also invited Chiquis fans and the general public to attend her concerts and support her career: “… I want all the people of El Paso or any part of the United States where Chiquis performs to go see her because she deserves the best respect from the public. Chiquis, if you are watching this video, if it reaches your ears, if it reaches your sight, a thousand apologies. You know that I love you so much”he said with a broken voice.

All of this comes a week after Chiquis and Lorenzo will launch several hints through social networks for supposedly, the also businesswoman is dating an ex-friend of Lorenzo Méndez. Apparently, it is the photographer of the singer and personal friend of Chiquis, Becky G. However, this has not yet been confirmed by any of those involved and it only remains in rumors.

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