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Chiquito de la Calzada is left without regulating traffic in Malaga | Spain

Chiquito de la Calzada graffiti on a Malaga street.
Chiquito de la Calzada graffiti on a Malaga street.Nacho sanchez

Since Gregorio Sánchez, better known as Chiquito de la Calzada, died in 2017, Malaga is wondering how to pay tribute to his illustrious comedian. It was not until last spring when the City Council approved to promote a cultural route that would visit places related to his biography, a giant mural and an annual humor festival. But the most striking idea, proposed by Adelante Málaga – a political brand that unites Izquierda Unida and Podemos – was the installation of a traffic light that included silhouettes with the mythical movements that the artist made when he told his jokes. And to emit the words “quiet“With red light,”caretaker“In amber and”Now”, When the green arrived for the pedestrian. The traffic signal, however, cannot be installed. The municipal Mobility Area underlines in a report that it is not feasible to regulate traffic and that, in addition, its uniqueness would greatly increase its cost.

The original plan – approved unanimously in the municipal plenary session – was to install the traffic light at one of the intersections of Tomás de Echevarría Street, in the Huelin neighborhood, west of the capital, where the house where Chiquito lived a good part is located. of his life with his wife, Josefa García. That was also one of the stops on the cultural route that included the Pasaje Chinitas, the Juan Breva flamenco rock, his birthplace and the church of San Pablo, where his funeral was held and his ashes rest. However, the studies and consultations of the municipal Mobility Area have ruled out that it can be placed to regulate traffic, and also point out that “it would generate confusion for people with visual disabilities by emitting noises other than the tones that adapted traffic lights usually use” , as explained by municipal sources and advanced by the newspaper On.

Far from abandoning the idea, the Malaga town hall explains that the installation of the traffic light will continue, only that it will not serve to order the circulation of vehicles, but that it will have an “ornamental character”. The Mobility Area, therefore, leaves the equation for the implementation of this signal, to which the municipality is now looking for formulas for its financing – which can reach 100,000 euros due to its exclusive design – and execution. And that will serve to honor the person who received the gold medal for Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture in 2017 and the Andalusian medal in 2018, both posthumously.

Meanwhile, the City Council approved last September a budget of 20,000 euros for the installation of a sculpture of the comedian in the park that bears his name, also to the west of the city. The bronze work is about two meters high and was commissioned by the Association of Spanish Humor (Ashumes) to the artist Ramón Chaparro. The entity continues to seek funding and carry out charitable events to defray the cost of the work, which amounts to about 40,000 euros. “Finding financial support is costing more than we expected, but it will be achieved,” said Tony Antonio, president of Ashumes, last year.

The plenary agreement included the placement of commemorative plaques in memory of the comedian – who changed the way of speaking about the country with expressions that are still popular – at the points included in the official Chiquito de la Calzada route, explaining the importance of the place and accompanied by a QR code that links to performances and interviews with the artist. Also the placement of a large mural in the Trinidad neighborhood, where the humorist was originally from – although there are already some others, painted by local artists, in the Lagunillas neighborhood, next to the historic center, and in the area of Sacaba Beach, on the boardwalk near the mouth of the Guadalhorce River — and organizing an annual humor festival to provide opportunities for young local comedians.

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