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Cholesterol: 4 snacks to reduce high levels

About 94 million adults in the US have cholesterol greater than 200 mg / dL and in 28 million it exceeds 240 mg, as calculated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The normal maximum level is 200 mg. Having high cholesterol levels favors the development of serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases. If it is your case, these snacks will help you reduce this substance in your blood.

The silent killer

It is commonly known as high cholesterol levels or hypercholesterolemia as “the silent killer”, as it triggers serious health problems such as heart attacks or strokes without symptoms or prior warnings.

Hypercholesterolemia is one of the main factors to suffer atherosclerosis, which is the blockage of the arteries that carry blood to the heart and to other organs of the body. When arteries become narrow, heart attacks can occur or cause blood clots that could travel through the body and impede blood flow.

In most cases, the only way to know cholesterol levels is through blood tests carried out in a laboratory that must be carried out annually after 45 years of age. While some medications are used to control blood cholesterol levels, also some lifestyle changes can help to keep this substance at bay in the body.

1. Yogurt yes, but Greek

The reality is that plain yogurt is one of those foods that marketing has introjected us as healthy when in fact it contains a significant level of sugar and fat. If you like yogurt for breakfast or dinner, opt for a 0% fat, sugar-free Greek yogurt. Adding natural fruit to it is a great and sweet combination.

2. Popcorn instead of French fries

If you can buy a machine that makes popcorn with hot air and consume it without salt, it would be ideal. French fries are made with salt and other additives that can affect your body. When you have those cravings for a salty snack to watch a movie or your favorite series, try to eat homemade popcorn or the most natural presentation and lowest in sodium that you find in the market.

3. Fruit with honey instead of sweets

No one can be blamed for craving a candy, but if your cholesterol levels are not the best, choose some natural fruit such as peach, melon, watermelon, apple or pineapple, add a teaspoon of natural honey. and a handful of sunflower seeds. Your sweet craving will be well satisfied.

4. Rice cakes instead of crackers

If you are into sweet cravings, try avoiding cakes, donuts or cookies and consume dehydrated rice or oat cakes with some unsweetened seed-based spreadable cream, such as cocoa that can be a good substitute for chocolate. You can also add some fruit as a topping and take advantage of its natural sugary flavor.

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