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Christian Nodal: “I define myself as a ‘pain in the ass’, and a good person”

“I define myself as a ‘pain in the ass’, and a good person” … That’s right Christian Nodal, a young man from 22 years old, which is one of the fastest growing musicians. Just win his fourth Grammy and his US tour is Sold Out… They demand a tour in his native Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Central America, and several European countries.

The musician who knows success in the first person, welcomes us in his dressing room before presenting himself to his Los Angeles audience, in a YouTube Theater without a single free space.

He, Intimate does not escape any subject: success, fame, music, love, his desire not to lose his flat, and that video at a dinner with his fiancée, Belinda, and part of her team that plays a joke on him that leaves him not very well stopped.

Christian Nodal is shy, respectful, joking and very dedicated to his audience. The The key to his success at such a young age is not only his talent, but his team that lives for and by him. Who are we talking about? From his mother Cristy, who accompanies him all the time; his uncle who is the musical director; his musicians those who never let anyone replace them; his publicist Conchita Oliva; and the head that this is possible by betting everything he had on his son’s career: his father Jaime González.

Christian Nodal in concert in Los Angeles
Christian Nodal in concert in Los Angeles. Photo: Latin Icons

Everyone moves together, the aforementioned, and the rest of the team, and of course, the owner of his heart, Belinda, who accompanies him to all his concerts, presentations and works. A way to preserve the couple and strengthen it to achieve what they swear will be the next step: the wedding and the children.

That is why it was very striking to see them, a few days ago, just one day before this interview, in a video taken and uploaded to the Instagram account of Belinda’s publicist, Danna Vázquez, where they sang a supposed birthday to Nodal as a joke, and where it seemed that, uncomfortable the musician reacts annoyed with his fiancée.

For many, more than a reality it seems a misinterpretation of a moment taken out of context, so much so that When we asked Nodal about that moment, so that he has his right to reply, he did not know what we were talking about.

The video was deleted by his fiancee’s publicist, and he never found out that it had been taken, much less posted. however, he chose to respond, although after the interview was over, he asked me to tell him what I was talking about.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I understand the question… I think it’s normal, it’s normal that people want a little bit of you, it’s normal that they forget that you are a human being, and that you have good days and days bad“He told us.

Then, while he is on his way to Nevada, to appear this Friday in Reno, and then on Saturday the 11th at the emblematic Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the exclusive interview with Christian Nodal.

-You are in Los Angeles, one of the most important squares and where you have the most loyal public, how do you feel about being here where they love you so much?

Christian Nodal: Whenever we come here to Los Angeles, to California in general, I am very happy, just because of what you say It is a very warm audience, it is a very loyal audience and it is always a great emotion to come and sing to them.

-On the way we saw people very excited, running through the parking lot, how do you feel about being responsible for giving them these hours of joy?

Christian Nodal: I am very flattered, because not everyone has that power to entertain people, I love it, I love making every ticket they buy worthwhile, every second of the time you are here have a good time, I love creating moments in parts of the show … It is a blessing to be part of this energy, that they reach the people, of happiness.

Christian Nodal in concert in Los Angeles
Christian Nodal in concert in Los Angeles. Photo: Latin Icons

-At your age many are thinking what they are going to do in life, and you are already succeeding, do you feel with an extra responsibility for having achieved so much in such a short time?

Christian Nodal: The responsibility is always there from when you build your dream until when you are already seeing that something is finished. Obviously there is a long way to go, this dream continues, but what I am going for is that it is growing. It “s like everything in life, Success grows, responsibility grows, but the truth is that I do enjoy each stage a lot., and I am very aware of my position, and my place, and I try to thank a lot, thank a lot because I know that there are many people who would like to be here.

-With so much exposure and fame, are there moments that you would like to have a few hours of anonymous life?

Christian Nodal: No, well i really I do have many anonymous moments, because I like to frequent places where the public is not the public that listens to my music (laughs), and they are not people who, they are strange people like me (laughs).

-Who is Christian? Not the singer, not the one on stage.

Christian Nodal: I define myself like a ‘pain in the ass’ (laughs)… No, the truth is I define myself as what I said before, but also happy when you have to be happy… I think I am a good person and it is the most important thing.

When you remember those moments when you were little, and you saw the singers go by in your house, your parents work with other artists, and now you see yourself being the one who triumphs, what do you think?

Chistian Nodal: What i remember is that My family taught me how the most beautiful side of music, where it is not done either for money or for fame, and it is what I have been most grateful for. If something takes me where I am, it is make music from the heart, I have seen the sacrifice they made, and that’s why I feel so blessed The good thing is that it is less complicated since you are an artist, but they are in search of that, in the search to reach that point.

I always remember that when I’m losing the thread a bit, from watching the shows, they are fullI try to pick up the thread that way, thinking of all the people who are dreaming out there of reaching the stage, and living what I am living, and that comforts me and gives me strength as the musician that I am, not just as a person. There is a difference between being an artist, a music artist, an artist from what is seen to the outside and a human being, also what I always seek is to be full as a human being and as the musician that I am, and that makes the artist happy.

Christian Nodal
Christian Nodal. Foto: Latin Iconos

– What inspires you?

Christian Nodal: Seeing the audience chant the songs knowing that the musicians that I admire respect meIt is something very beautiful, that fills me with motivation.

-A few days ago, a video came out where you were having dinner with Belinda and other people … They made jokes, a fun that was misinterpreted, how do you live being in the spotlight all the time?

Christian Nodal: Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I understand the question … I think it is normal, it is normal for people to want a little of you, it is normal for them to forget that you are a human being and that you have good days and bad days..

-What do you say to that audience, who gets up listening to you, who goes to bed listening to you and that you are part of their musical life?

Christian Nodal: That I love you very much, that I thank you, because also They, without their knowing it, are part of my daily life, and it is reflected in every action, in every blessing, and that every good news arrives, and that I don’t feel like it is my news, it is the news of my team from work, from my fans, from God, from everyone, and that I love them very much.



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