Monday, November 23

Christmas 2020: Lights to reactivate Alicante


This is the official Christmas lighting in Alicante

Alicante is approaching Christmas with the brightness that traditional lighting gives, which this year comes with a 20 days advance compared to 2019 -when the lights were turned on late and badly- to encourage the hotel industry and commerce, so needy due to the restrictions derived from the health situation. With the lighting of the ornaments, 780 bows and garlands with two million led lights, activated at dusk, yesterday, simultaneously throughout the city, Alicante becomes the second capital of the Spanish province, after Valladolid, which inaugurates the Christmas lights. This time Christmas comes before Vigo, than Malaga, than Madrid.

The audience that was in the Rambla At the time of the official lighting, he could not suppress the applause or the exclamations of admiration when the light was made. The arches of the avenue were illuminated at the same time the 18 meter tall Christmas tree with 14,000 gold and white led lights on the Esplanade; that the elegant luminous decoration of the streets Gerona and Altamira; that the luminous icon of the square Ruperto Chapí with 16,000 led lights in blue next to Principal Theater; that the giant ball passable underneath with 17,000 led in gold in the Montañeta; that the lights that surround the palm trees of Luceros and the garlands that will decorate more than a hundred streets until January 6.

Faced with the poor inauguration ceremony that was held in 2019, when the mayor, Luis Barcala, left the councilors of Fiestas and Commerce, Manuel Jiménez and Lidia López, alone in the lighting, only, of four streets of the center on December 10 , in the official act yesterday participated a good part of the government team, made up of PP and Citizens. Only four councilors were missing. The group was photographed in front of the tree on the Esplanade before taking a tour of the different icons of Christmas. In their message, both the councilor and the vice mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, highlighted the advance in the ignition to encourage economic activity so impaired by the pandemic and invited the people of Alicante to enjoy the festivities from responsibility. The event was attended by the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Baño; and the general secretary of the small and medium commerce employers’ association (Facpyme), Francisco Rovira; but the hotel associations invited yesterday declined to participate. Yes, the president of the Federació de Fogueres, Toñi Martín-Zarco, along with the Bellea del Foc, Isabel Bartual, and the Children’s representative, Noelia Vinal, attended.

«It has been like an injection of illusion to be able to see the main commercial routes of Alicante illuminated. We have advanced the ignition for an obvious reason, to try to get the city to activate, to be thinking about Christmas, to have hope, that people cheer up and commerce can overcome the complicated situation we are experiencing. It will be a totally atypical Christmas, we continue with the virus around here but we are going to do it with optimism, living dates that will always be endearing no matter what happens. May these lights symbolize that horizon of clarity and color that we all want ”, said Barcala after the lighting, which arrived a week before Black Friday.

The vice mayor recalled the European legend that Santa Claus leaves Alicante, “the city of Christmas. And what better way to do it (the inauguration of the lighting) as soon as possible and more in this year than the pandemic has raged. That is why more than ever we needed the brightness of the lights to encourage commerce and hospitality, that citizens consume and the economy continues to move ».

The Christmas lighting is carried out this year by the company Iluminaciones Ximénez, with a budget of around 290,000 euros, 100,000 more than last year.

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