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Christmas Lottery 2022 | Numbers that are running out

Christmas Lottery 2021 |  Christmas lottery numbers that are already running out

Christmas Lottery 2021 | Christmas lottery numbers that are already running out

We all have special dates that are always with us, even when we play the lottery: the day of the birth of a child, a wedding, a birthday, or even a divorce. But also dates that have affected us deeply, and not in a positive sense. “Covid dates”, the eruption of La Palma or “Filomena” have already used up all their numbers for the Christmas Lottery. But what are the ones that are about to run out (and is there still a chance to get there)?

To know which are the numbers that are being bought the most and of which few units are left, Castle Lottery has consulted El Terminal, which is the point of sale of games and bets of the State of all administrations, and this has been the result:

The best-selling numbers so far

The endings that are still favorites are some like 13, 17 or 15, which are already officially sold out. And, the numbers most chosen by people who dream of the Christmas Lottery are still those ending in 5 and 7.

Naviad 2021 Lottery | The best-selling numbers 2021

The numbers that have been looking the most in recent weeks, are still related to historical and important dates and events. The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano, in La Palma, erupted on September 19, 2021 and, for many, the number 19921 will be the one that brings them the best of luck this Christmas, since they have exhausted all stocks.

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In addition, another of the events that have marked the most this year 2021 has been, nothing more and nothing less, than the signing of Messi in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who signed for the Parisian team with the number 30. And it is For this reason, 00030 is another of the most sought-after numbers for the Christmas lottery and more likely to end up exhausted.

The numbers that do not finish convincing

All lovers of the Christmas Lottery deposit their illusion in numbers that rarely change. Some numbers never finish convincing, and that is why, this year, the least sold numbers for the Christmas drawing are those that start with 9.

Christmas Lottery 2021 | The numbers that do not finish convincing EP

The numbers you can no longer buy

The first case of COVID in the world, the first in Spain, the beginning (and the end) of the State of Alarm in our country, the first vaccination, the Filomena storm, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja de la Palma Volcano, or the first day of La Liga 2021/2022, are some of the dates that are no longer available.

Christmas Lottery 2021 | The sold out numbers

You can find some of the most sought-after endings for the Christmas draw at Lotería Castillo where you can buy Christmas lottery online.

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