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Christmas Lottery: Live Streaming

Follow the Christmas Lottery draw live.

Follow the Christmas Lottery draw live.

Although veiled by the coronavirus pandemic, the illusion of christmas giveaway returns this year with the draw for this Tuesday, December 22, which you can follow live here.

As in previous editions, the Christmas Lottery will distribute 2,408 million euros in prize moneys, 70% of the total issuance, which reaches 3,440 million. In total, since last July, a total of 172 million tenths have been in circulation.

The prizes that will be distributed will be headed by Fat. The first prize of the Christmas Lottery 2020 has an amount of 400,000 euros to the tenth. Next, there is the second prize, which will distribute 125,000 euros to the tenth. Subsequently, the third prize appears, with its 50,000 euros prize for the tenth. Finally, there are the fourth prizes, with 20,000 euros each, and the fifth, with 6,000 euros as a prize for the tenth.

To know the appearance of the winning numbers you can follow our live broadcast from 9:00 am on Tuesday morning, which includes the broadcast on streaming christmas giveaway from the Royal Theater of Madrid.

From minute zero when the drums start rolling, the 2020 Christmas Lottery Jackpot can appear at any time. The draw usually lasts about 4 hours, so normally by 1:00 p.m. it will be concluded.

The numbers of the Christmas Lottery and the graceful places, live

Live, we will know which numbers are the winners and which are the winning places luckily in an event that this year will be held without an audience and marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

The children from the San Ildefonso school they will be protagonists again, although their representation will be less than usual. If about thirty of them normally participate in the draw, this year this participation will be reduced by almost half, since it is expected that only about 16 children will attend the Royal Theater. In addition, they will no longer be able to be heard in traditional interviews due to the strict anti-Covid restrictions that will govern the event.

Everything will be different at the Teatro Real and the public will be missed, absent for the first time in the more than two centuries of history of the Christmas Lottery. The pandemic will leave the stalls of the Teatro Real empty, where other years the most loyal fans of the draw were packed in an atmosphere of expectation and celebration.

Check your Christmas Lottery numbers

But the essence will remain and in our coverage you will not only be able to follow all the details of the Gordo draw minute by minute, but also you will also have galleries of photos, videos and a award checker so you can know live if you have been lucky with your number.

So, if you don’t want to miss that special moment in which the children of San Ildefonso sing the famous “four million euros!”, Connect from first thing in the morning to our 2020 Christmas Lottery live.

From then on, the children of San Ildefonso will begin to sing the awards, while Thousands of Spaniards await the appearance of El Gordo and the remaining grand prizes, but with great attention equally to the rest, which can always leave a pinch in your pocket.

Once the awards are singing, you can check if you have been lucky. For this, we recommend that you resort to our tester of prizes of the Christmas Lottery 2020. Simply, you will have to enter the numbers of the tenths with which you participate in this edition and you will quickly know if you have been awarded or not.

Also, once all the awards have been sung, you still have the option of stone.

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