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Christmas tree: natural or artificial? What is the best option for the environment?

Christmas is just around the corner and with it, as every year, the debate opens about which is the best option for the environment: A natural cut tree or an artificial tree?

It is worth mentioning that it is normal that under the Christmas enthusiasm one can fall into waste and the generation of garbage, but every year new options arise to prevent this from happening, that is, in less quantity.

The generation of garbage from gift wrapping or food waste are examples of problems worldwide; Nevertheless, the biggest challenge for those who are willing to take care of the environment, without a doubt is the choice of the Christmas Tree.

That is why we ask ourselves … what is the best option for the environment? An artificial tree or a natural one?

As you can imagine, neither is exempt from harm to the environment, but here I will mention some pros and cons of both options, without abandoning the beautiful idea of ​​having one of these icons at home.

Time to choose: artificial or natural tree? (Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

Artificial christmas tree

For years it has been thought that the option of having an artificial Christmas tree is the best, because it does not affect the flora of any ecosystem, despite the materials with which it is manufactured.

Nevertheless, artificial trees are usually made of steel and PVC, which is the most egregious type of non-renewable petroleum-derived plastic.

That is to say, the good news of acquiring one of these trees is that in theory, it will last us for many years; but the bad news is that the material with which it is manufactured enters circulation and will not disappear from the environment, so it is obviously not the most sustainable option.

But to this we must add that most of them are manufactured in China, so their transfer to wherever you are, will cost the atmosphere a few tons of carbon dioxide.

Artificial trees are usually made of steel and PVC. (Photo: Tim Boyle / Getty Images)

Although experts think that in the long run, The artificial Christmas tree could be less harmful to the environment, but for this to happen and to become sustainable, we would be talking about that person or family, not acquiring another tree, (artificial or natural) in more than two decades.

If you buy a single tree for life, perhaps the artificial one is the best optionBut renovating the Christmas decorations would also be a factor.

Natural christmas tree

Maybe buying that PVC for our corner destined for the Christmas icon does not excite most, but obviously natural trees also have their cons.

The biggest problem is that Christmas pine farms use pesticides to keep them free of pests, that is why insects are damaged in the conservation of these trees and the environment is also polluted, something that we do not normally take into account.

However, this can be solved by looking for a sustainable and responsible site that uses organic and non-harmful products for the environment, something not easy.

Now, the most painful for the environment is that day in January when we all go to work in the morning and we see streets complete with Christmas trees as garbage and garbage trucks removing them, (although it is not the same in all cities of the world). world).

Natural Christmas trees are quickly disposed of. (Photo: Cardy / Getty Images)

The good news is that each buyer’s practices can be modified and become sustainable, which will be reflected in a benefit to the environment.

There are hundreds of places around the world, whether private or government programs, that offer the correct disposal of Christmas trees to compost.

It should be mentioned that although the leaves of the tree have dried, it is still organic material that can be used for environmental purposes.

But…what would be the best Christmas tree option for the environment?

The best Christmas tree option

As you know, the artificial and natural Christmas tree have their good things and their bad things as a sustainable option for the environment. In summary, the best options would be a natural tree cut with a pleasant final destination or an artificial one that lasts a lifetime.

However, there is a better alternative to these two, which has become popular in recent years.

There are places where you can rent live trees for the Christmas season; These are delivered in pots without having to cut them by the roots, so growth is not affected and their lives are respected.

The best option is to plant a good size pine in your house. (Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

Now, if you love and take care of the environment, and you also want to take care of your pocket, the best option is to plant a good-sized pine in your home so as not to wait for its evolution.

This could be kept in a pot for a few years and finally be planted in a green area, in addition to purifying your house throughout the year, while at Christmas it would only be decorated in the very style of Santa Claus.

The challenge for this great alternative lies in the care of the pine or Christmas tree, because it is not easy, since the land in which it lives must be rich in minerals and other substances, in addition to a correct location, where it lives fresh, has natural sunlight and natural drafts.

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