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Chuck Todd Controversy for Booking Election Deniers on ‘meet the Press,’ Chuck Todd Was Dubbed a “dangerous F-Ing Imbecile.”

Charles David Todd (born April 8, 1972) is the 12th and current moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press. He is also the Political Director for NBC News and hosts MTP Daily on MSNBC.

Todd was the Chief White House correspondent for NBC and the host of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown before taking over Meet the Press. He also works as a political analyst for NBC News’ Today and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

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Chuck Todd Is Called a “dangerous F-Ing Idiot” for Booking Election Denialists on “Meet the Press”

Many critics are expressing their displeasure with Chuck Todd’s laissez-faire approach to supporting the spread of misinformation, which he regards as good old-fashioned bipartisanship by putting election skeptics on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

One Twitter user commented, “Chuck Todd is a dangerous f—ing moron.”

Todd defended interviewing politicians from the opposite side of the aisle, including Republicans who supported former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, on Thursday’s episode of Mediaite’s podcast “The Interview.”

“You never know when someone you think deserves to be banned is suddenly someone you have to deal with,” NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen tweeted from Todd’s interview on Saturday. Because they have power, even if you don’t like them.”

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Todd’s revealing response to Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin, who asked if such politicians should be banned from “Meet the Press” and other Sunday shows, resulted in the NBC host trending on Twitter and generating a lot of backlashes.

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“I think absolutes should be avoided,” Todd remarked in the interview. “I feel like I’ve made a deal with my audience that they expect me to provide them with the knowledge they require… You never know when someone you believe should be banned becomes someone you have to deal with. Because they have power, even if you don’t like them. They’re the House Speaker or something along those lines.” Todd went on to explain that catering his show to “fringe-y” Americans on Twitter is out of the question.

“If you worry too much about social media and start catering to social media critics, you’re catering to 7% of America, and you’re probably catering to a fringe-y version,” he said. “It’s not simply the 7% of Americans who use Twitter.” It’s the smallest fraction of [those] who believe their ideas matter more than everyone else’s.”

Chuck Todd Apologized on Air for An Error on ‘Meet the Press.’

On Sunday, “Meet the Press” committed a major error. On Tuesday, they issued a formal apology.

Moderator Chuck Todd opened up a panel discussion on Sunday’s episode by showing a clip of Attorney General William Barr on CBS. Barr was asked how former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s recommendation to drop charges will be remembered. “Well, history is written by the winners,” Barr stated in the film. “So it primarily depends on who is writing the history.”

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Todd asked panelist Peggy Noonan about Barr’s cynicism at the point where the clip was cut off. “It’s a correct answer,” Todd said, “but he’s the Attorney General.” He didn’t present himself as a defender of the rule of law. He was on the verge of confessing, “Yes, this is a political job.”

The truth is that if “Meet the Press” had aired the entire segment, it would have revealed that Barr did indicate he believed he was following the law. Todd said he didn’t say it, but he did.

Todd addressed the topic on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” on Tuesday (his first TV appearance since Sunday) by first clarifying what had happened. Then he went on.

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“We didn’t take that out,” Todd clarified. “We didn’t do that.” Because we only saw the shorter of two segments that CBS did run, we didn’t include it. We should have gone over both of them and looked for a complete transcript. I regret making a mistake that neither we nor I should have made. The attorney general’s response in the second portion would have put it in context. I would not have structured the topic the way I did if we had seen that part of the CBS interview, and I am obviously extremely sorry for that mistake. Going forward, we will aim to improve.”

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