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Churches don’t understand freedom



Pablo Iglesias used Congress again yesterday to insult the media, to establish himself as the instrument that he can exercise as an “element of democratic control” and to affirm that the Press is at the service of the extreme right. In this way, he once again made clear his concept of freedom – none – and his strategy – censorship, silencing and systematic bullying – against critical media. When Iglesias speaks of “democratic control”, in reality he only refers to a coercive repression of the Press. He is democracy and he represents freedoms. The rest, the freedom of information and expression, the sanctioning capacity of the courts, or the independent choice of each citizen of which means he chooses to obtain information, is unnecessary in Spain. And sustaining all this authoritarian threat in front of Pedro Sánchez, without even immediately correcting a single comma, only reflects a disturbing complicity of the Prime Minister.

Iglesias complains today about the same thing that he praised before. What has happened in the middle is that his party is being investigated for illegal financing, that he loses votes by spurts, that his managerial capacity in the Government is null, that he questions the fullness of democracy, that he attacks the parliamentary monarchy, which is pure and hard caste, and ultimately, that does not support us denouncing that it is in power to prostitute the very concept of democracy. What is Iglesias complaining about, if he was born into politics with the sympathy of many media outlets for his message of destruction of the system? So those media were free and now they aren’t? What is he complaining about if this democracy allows him to promote a digital newspaper run by his collaborator Dina Bousselham, exclusively aimed at pointing out and criminalizing journalists? What is he complaining about if an order from his terminals is enough for many media to shamelessly silence the Neurona scandals and the crimes of Juan Carlos Monedero? When those same media overreact with hours and hours of television scandals from other parties, we can jellies them because there is freedom. On the other hand, when other media inquire into the sewers of Podemos, it is essential to exercise ‘democratic control’ … That of dictatorships. And what is Iglesias complaining about if he has turned a convicted person for exalting terrorism into an icon to pervert the meaning of freedom of expression? Iglesias intends to make the control of the media a threatening exercise in persecution because his aversion to freedom is insurmountable.

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If we followed his reasoning – erroneous from the base – why are the same ‘media powers’ that he despises make Vox grow today? Are they not the same ones that also made Podemos grow at the time? Or does Iglesias believe he is a messianic leader who has grown up by osmosis? Never, no one, no candidate in the entire democracy, received as much media favor as Iglesias. Today, even his own fellow founders of Podemos have abandoned him or have been purged. It is not the victim of any rotten system, or of a failed democracy, or of growing fascism. He is the victim of his double yardstick, of his false ideological superiority, of his underground moral standards, and of his lies. He believes he is immune to his own arrogance, but he embodies the most dangerous threat to any democracy, total animosity to freedom.


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