Wednesday, September 22

Churches Increase Pressure Against Monarchy Ahead of Christmas Speech | Spain

Pablo Iglesias is sure that on Thursday, when Felipe VI gives his traditional Christmas speech, many families will wonder sitting at the table if they are monarchists or republicans. The leader of Podemos and second vice president of the Government maintains, in addition, that there is already a majority of citizens who identify more with the republic, so it will arrive in Spain sooner rather than later. Iglesias and his party have been fighting since the summer, with the departure of Spain of the emeritus king, in the midst of the open investigations against Juan Carlos I. At the political level they have it difficult, with the PSOE and the parties of the right closed in defense to the Crown. For this reason, the leader of Podemos seeks to make the discussion catch fire in society. For example, at dinner on Christmas Eve.

“We must not be afraid of the debate,” Iglesias said this Saturday in a telematic meeting of the State Citizen Council of Podemos, the highest governing body of the training. The vice president has defended that being a republican is not only about electing the head of state, but about defending public services against the “permanent privatization project of the monarchical parties.”

Iglesias has accused the monarchy of promoting an economic model based on “corruption”, on the culture of “brick and cheap tourism.” Meanwhile, he maintains, the republican system pursues and defends a “fairer, more secular, more feminist” country that recognizes plurinationality and organizes Spain in a more federal sense “in which everyone feels included, leaving behind the dynamic division to which the monarchy has led us ”.

Now that the coalition government has already passed its first major test of the legislature by approving the Budgets, Iglesias seeks to squeeze his partner in the Executive on those issues in which the positions are most conflicting. The monarchy is one of them. The PSOE has decided to close ranks with the King at the most delicate moment of the Crown. Iglesias takes advantage of this defense of the socialists to identify the monarchy with the right.

This week Congress once again rejected, with the votes of the PSOE (in addition to the PP and Vox), the request of United We Can and other political forces to open in Congress a commission to investigate the use of opaque cards by some members of The Royal Family. United We can not give up in its efforts and, although it is the fourth rejection that it adds, this Friday it again registered a similar initiative. Iglesias accused the “monarchical parties” on Saturday of, instead of helping, “questioning” the monarchy for rejecting the creation of these commissions in Parliament. “The monarchical parties should be the first interested in that this investigation could take place”, he assured.

The vice president’s onslaught against the monarchy comes a few days after the king emeritus, who is in Abu Dhabi, has paid the Treasury almost 700,000 euros to avoid a legal case. Iglesias has argued that La Corona is “in crisis” and that is why the issue will be discussed at Christmas Eve dinner. “It is normal, given the circumstances,” he said.

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