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Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos: What is the truth behind this couple?

They were the happy family: beautiful on the outside, spiritual, healthy, athletic … But COVID-19 came into their lives and everything changed, it brought out the best and the worst? from both. They are the singer Chyno Miranda and his still wife Natasha Araos, what is the truth behind this couple?

A year ago, Chyno, and the whole family, was infected with COVID-19 and from that moment on, the singer had to go through a test path. As we have told you all this time, and as he corroborated in a preview of the documentary he is preparing with Nacho Mendoza About his illness, he had to re-learn to walk, speak and still struggles with the aftermath.

So far, his wife, Natasha Araos, was the heroine of the story, ‘the woman of the year’ for not ‘having separated from his side’, for having become his oak, was the one who cared for him, who cared for him, who had taken care of the house and him.

However, of One day she went from the heroine to the worst villain of any Disney movie, or one of the best Televisa soap operas.. In exclusive, Javier Ceriani in ‘Gossip No Like’ unleashed the scandal: that he does not take care of him, that he threw him out of the department they share, who took the house that Chyno had bought for his mother and sent his mother-in-law to Venezuela. That only lives on appearances, who extorts him by not letting him see his son Lucca, and that his only interest is to promote himself because he wants to be a singer.

On Wednesday night, friends of the couple, more from Natasha than from Chyno, shared some videos where Chyno and his wife are seen, in Miami, at the birthday party of a music entrepreneur. The meeting that was at the host’s house, and They are seen not only very friendly, but even dancing.

So what is the truth? Is Tashie the hero or the villain? How sick is Chyno?, Is it really as delicate as we saw it in Premios Juventud or was it marketing for the release of the album “Volver con Nacho”? What’s behind all this scandal?… Coming up next, we tell you.

The truth is that, as we began by telling you, the arrival of COVID-19 in the family changed everything. Yes Chyno was very serious, yes the consequences continue to affect his health, and yes he struggles daily to be able to return to being the Jesus we knew. The hard months brought a lot of unity at first, but it would have brought a lot of problems in the couple later.

The singer, in addition to dealing with the disease, would also be dealing with the logical strong mood swings as part of his neurological condition, and being in this situation. She, who had married the successful, handsome, and perfect musician, found herself with a prostrate man, needing 24-hour care even to go to the bathroom. The situation would have brought problems in the couple to the point that they would be separated.

As we were able to find out, Chyno lives between Miami and Venezuela. When she is in ‘a Ciudad del Sol’ she stays in the apartment she bought before marrying Tashie, and where she and their son Lucca live. But when he travels to his native country, he stays with his mother, who lived in the United States, in a house that her son bought for her.

Why did Chyno’s mother return to Venezuela? There are several versions. The officer says that when the singer was admitted, she moved to the couple’s apartment to care for Lucca, while Tashie was in the hospital with her husband.

But when the singer returned home, The problems of coexistence would have begun, especially due to the nutritional difference. Natasha is vegan, the rest of the family is not, and the fights would have been with the example that the influencer wants to give her son.

The truth is that Doña Alcira returned to Venezuela and with her son? Yes and no… We were able to find out that it is true that Chyno has spent time in his native country. Moreover, in August a long season would be installed in Caracas, but because it would try a new treatment with renowned Venezuelan neurologists who could help you recover faster.

If you are separated, what were you doing together last night? As you could see in ‘Premios Juventud’, and in the preview of the documentary that Chyno shared a day before, the singer’s health is really not good and, although it may surprise you to see him dancing in what we will publish next, as you will also see, the singer does not even move from the place, and his movements are very basic. Similarly, when the Venezuelan interpreter, Víctor Muñoz, asks him “what is the most important thing?” and he answers “love”, lor we see with the same degree of anxiety that leads him to repeat the words.

At that party they let us see ‘a happy couple’, sharing normal with friends. However, is that so? Some people who were in the place told us that they were more than a couple, a friendship relationship, it was ‘Lucca’s parents’ who was also there.

Seeing them there, in videos only uploaded by friends, but not by them, It would be part of Tashie’s strategy to silence the scandal that would be damaging her image, not only on a personal level, but also professionally. Well, she has always shown herself as a promoter of health, good living, spiritual life, far removed from everything that has sounded these days.

What really happens between them? Only Chyno, or rather Natasha know. People close to both confirmed that they would be separated, that the problems between them are serious, that they could lead to a divorce. That the singer would not want to end the relationship and even less live away from his son than, As he said in an interview with Pamela Silva, it is his engine to get ahead.

But nevertheless, Natasha would want to end the marriage, try to have a good relationship, but be able to continue with your life and that everything lived in this year is just a bad memory. However, this is just beginning …


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