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Cinema in Spain falls 72% at the box office and loses 446 million euros in 2020 due to the pandemic | Culture

Not least expected, with theaters closed for months and others at half gas, the figures for cinema in Spain are still painful. And more so when at the start of the year, in the months of January and February, attendance at theaters was growing by 7%. But the arrival in Europe of the pandemic has disrupted life in Spain, and therefore the cinema. According to data from the consulting firm ComScore, which audits the box office in theaters, with provisional data until Monday 28, the 2020 box office reaches 169.7 million euros of collection and 28.2 million viewers. That is, compared to 2019 it falls by 72% and loses 446 million euros. They are the worst since there are records.

Father there is only one 2, by Santiago Segura, which premiered on July 29 against all odds, has grossed 12.9 million euros and has been seen by 2.3 million viewers. It is the highest grossing film in Spain in 2020. Gone are 1917, with 9.6 million euros; Tenet, Christopher Nolan (who also struggled to debut on the big screen) with 7.6 million; Bad Boys For Life, with 6.7 million, and Adú, with 6.3 million. Of the top five, two were released after confinement (Segura and Christopher Nolan), and two are Spanish (obviously Segura, and Adú, by Salvador Calvo). These positions have made the share of Spanish cinema 25%, 10 points more than in 2019. It is a misleading figure, marked by the success of Segura. In total, Spanish cinema has exceeded 42 million euros and has sold 7.2 million tickets, when last year it added 94.1 million euros and 16 million viewers. It had already been a bad year because it had fallen far short of the coveted 100 million euros per year. In 2018 they were 103.7 million euros, with Champions leading the national box office with 19 million euros, and in 2017 the figure was almost the same with Tadeo Jones 2, as the most viewed with 17.9 million euros. It has been Segura’s comedy that has pulled the car, because it accounts for a third of the money earned by Spanish cinema. Actually, it is similar to what happened in 2014, when Spanish cinema reached 125.7 million euros because Eight Basque surnames raised 56 million euros.

Segura, this morning, in full pre-production of his At full train, which will begin filming in mid-January, he says: “I don’t want theaters to die, I don’t want the cinema to die. It makes me sad and afraid. I am not clear on an optimistic future. Be careful, I don’t consider myself a guy stuck in the past, but movies are wonderful entertainment. And the habit of going to theaters is difficult to build loyalty and very easy to lose ”. Regarding his leadership at the box office, the filmmaker talks about his gratitude to the public, and explains: “I’m not happy, when there are many sad ones. Now, from the experience of Stream, I knew it was easy that whoever liked it Father… would repeat. The pandemic came and I knew it would be difficult. But I like theaters, I sign up for all the promotions necessary to encourage people to return to them, and I think how selfish it is to have a James Bond and not release it. I understand that there are many shareholders and executives in a study, although I think they would have recovered the investment ”. And Segura defines himself more a lover of Blu-ray than of streaming: “Because that way I control the quality of the movie I watch. I am still a collector. And in the living room, the experience with a good projector and good sound is unmatched ”.

In photo, Pau Donés, in 2018. In the video, trailer for ‘That you give me’Samuel Sanchez

The first installment of Father there is only one It was released in the summer of 2019 and reached 14.2 million euros in collection. But 2019 was a normal year, in which Disney released its great titles in theaters – not like this time, which Mulán and Soul has been launched through the Disney + – platform, and in which The Lion King collection 37.2 million euros; Joker narrowly exceeded the 30 million, and Avengers: Endgame obtained 29.2 million euros. In that top 10 In 2019, Segura’s comedy reached a stupendous eighth place. Furthermore, it was the only feature film on that list that was not based on superheroes, animation turned into CGI films and live actors, or belonging to the Star Wars universe.

With cinemas closed for months in the United States, the world box office is led by China, as a territory, and its films, as the highest grossing: Ba Bai, A war drama by Guan Hu developed at the beginning of the Second World War, it has raised 461 million dollars thanks to the 460 million obtained in his country. Left behind Bad Boys for Life (426 million); Tenet (362 million); Sonic the movie (310 million); he anime Japanese Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-Hen (whose international title is Demon Slayer: the movie) (306 million), The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle (246 million), and the Chinese animated film Jiang Ziya (240 million).

Hope and negative signs

Although from FECE, the federation of exhibitors, these days insist on a message of hope – they have only closed, according to their data, four rooms definitively, although there are more provisionally closed, of a park of, in April 2019, 3,593 screens belonging to some 500 movie complexes — other industry moves send negative signals to theaters. In the United States, Warner is going to release its 17 major releases simultaneously in theaters and on its HBO Max platform, much to the despair of distributors. That same major in Spain it has become dependent on Warner Italia, which will cause some of its middle managers to disappear (in reality, it is part of a worldwide reorganization of the entire Time Warner network, owned by the telecommunications company AT&T). And in Spain it is a major of weight: it has not only led to the Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984, is that of top 10 of the most viewed Spanish films, three have been distributed by them. The Golem distributor, specialized in independent cinema, has closed its office in Madrid and transferred its activity to its headquarters in Pamplona. The Filmin platform, also focused on auteur cinema, has been acquired by an investment fund to make its leap to other countries, because it is clear that they are the future. Until Regrettable stories, by Javier Fesser, called to be a hit at the box office in Spain, has ended up being released on a platform, Amazon.

While exhibitors wait for the pandemic to subside and the vaccine to reach moviegoers, and while distributors live in a strange impasse in which the rooms are filled with small titles – although at Christmas they have finally appeared blockbusters as Wonder Woman 1984 O The Croods: a new era-, there are some optimistic little details. If only eight Spanish films have exceeded one million euros at the box office, one of them, the sixth, is the documentary by Jordi Évole What you give me a long talk with the musician Pau Donés filmed days before his death, which has been seen by 244,687 viewers and has raised 1,412,743 euros.


Father there is only one € 12,938,628 2,317,888 viewers

1917 € 9,661,458 1,573,320 viewers

Tenet 7,603,577 1,207,524 viewers

Bad Boys For Life € 6,713,356 1,077,075 viewers

Adú € 6,371,655 1,088,469 viewers

The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle € 6,166,222 1,036,183 viewers

Parasites € 6,044,369 987,089 spectators

Sonic the movie € 5,148,062 870,060 spectators

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker € 5,097,741 780,959 viewers

Jumanji: next level € 4,784,254 781,991 viewers


Father there is only one 2 € 12,938,628 2,317,888 viewers

Adú € 6,371,655 1,088,469 viewers

Malasaña 32 € 3,760,940 610,057 viewers

Until the wedding do us part € 2,726,373 452,401 viewers

Superagente Makey € 1,828,232 328,633 viewers

What you give me € 1,412,743 244,687 viewers

If I were rich € 1,155,852 183,830 viewers

The summer we live € 1,055,417 166,753 spectators

Rosa’s wedding € 920,748 154,132 viewers

Up to the sky € 915.997 144.834 viewers

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