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Circuit 52 Super Series celebrates its tenth anniversary with three regattas in Spain




The 2022 season, the tenth of 52 Super Series, already has its official calendar. There will be five appointments with, once again, a very prominent presence from Spain since three of the five regattas will be held on Spanish soil. The novelty of the season is that, for the first time in the history of the competition, a test will be held in May in Galicia, specifically in Bayonne with the support of Monte Real Club de Yates. The other great novelty is the return of Barcelona to the calendar in October nine years after the last visit of the regatta to the Real Club Náutico that will serve in 2022 to close the season and to commemorate the tenth season of the regatta.

In the middle of these two pieces of news we find the Rolex TP52 World Championship to be held in the waters of the Clube Naval de Cascáis in June; the Puerto Portals Sailing Week, which in July represents the regatta’s seventh consecutive visit to the port of Calviá and equals Porto Cervo as the most visited venue on the circuit, and in September the regatta returns to Italy with a test in Scarlino.

A very ‘Iberian’ calendar to commemorate the tenth season of 52 Super Series. And it will be like closing a circle, since the first event of this competition was held in Barcelona in May 2012 with five boats in contention and with the victory of Quantum Racing. Ten years later, the regatta will return to Barcelona to close the season and the first 10-year cycle of the competition, which shows the solidity of the project, which is now the best circuit in the world for monohull boats.

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Agustín Zulueta, CEO of the regatta, explains: “We are delighted to be going to Baiona for the first time and we are sure that it will be an impressive regatta that all our owners and sailors will love. It was our debt to go to the MRCYB for the exquisite way of accepting that in 2021 the regatta could not be done. The same happens with Cascáis. There we will make the Rolex TP52 for the second time and we are convinced that it will be a success. To the two Atlantic events we have added the traditional visit to Puerto Portals, which is already a benchmark regatta for this circuit, and the return to Scarlino. The end of the season in Barcelona is something that we are all very excited about and that we have been looking for for years. An end to the season in that city will be an incredible climax to the tenth anniversary of 52 Super Series ”.

Bayonne will bring uncertainty on the water and new challenges to the 52 Super Series fleet. The regatta has never been in Galicia and for the teams it will be a new challenge with medium winds and normally flat seas. Ideal conditions to enjoy these TP52s. The MRCY Bayona has turned to make the regatta a success and that it can finally be held after the cancellation of 2021.

“This is one of the most important events in the world and we are very proud to have managed to bring it to Galicia. For several days we will be the focus of international attention and this will have a very positive impact on the club and everything around us. People from all over the world will see the spectacular nature of Baiona and the Rías Baixas, they will discover everything that Galicia can offer them in terms of tourism, gastronomy, culture and sports ”, says the president of the MRCYB, José Luis Álvarez, who points out:

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“The Bayona 52 Super Series Sailing Week will also allow tourism to be seasonally adjusted, to give a boost to the economy, and to create fans and a quarry in the world of sailing. It is an event that will go down in the history of Galicia and in a moment as special as the Xacobeo Holy Year “.

For the fifth time, Cascáis will host a 52 Super Series regatta. It is the most visited place for the competition behind Puerto Portals and Porto Cervo. Everything at the venue fits perfectly so that every time the regatta stops in Portugal, the race is a success. Gonzalo Esteves, president of the Clube Naval de Cascáis, explains:

“In 2021 we could not have the circuit due to the pandemic and for us it has been a great joy that the commitment has been able to pass to 2022 and that, in addition, we are the headquarters of the Rolex TP52 World Championship. For the club, the World Cup is the most important test of a season full of great events since we will spend four months without stopping having great regattas in our waters. We are going to do an offshore test for the first time with a route that will go to Madeira and return and we will also have, among other tests, the Snipe World Cup. But the 52 Super Series regatta is going to be the highlight of the year for us. Also, I think doing it in June will be a success because it is the month that always guarantees us wind and we are going to have very long days with lots of light “.

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And the great novelty to close the season will be the visit to Barcelona. If there is one person who has opted to bring the event to his city, it is Toni Guiu who last summer participated in the Invitational regatta in Puerto Portals as owner and rod of the TP52 Blue Carbon. Guiu is a member of the Board of Directors of the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona and explains: “Barcelona needs regattas like the 52 Super Series. This regatta means being able to enjoy something that began in Barcelona ten years ago with the 52 Super Series and which has established itself as the most powerful monohull circuit in the world. Having it in Barcelona on the front line in view of all the people of Barcelona will be a unique opportunity for the entire city. The club, which at first was cautious with the arrival of this regatta, is now exultant and encouraged by the great opportunity to have this competition. And that the last regatta that is in Barcelona gives it even more prominence. The city can fulfill all the expectations and that the final party is fantastic ”.

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