Thursday, May 26

Circuit record in the Barcelona half marathon

The Ethiopian Athlete Teklu embroidery has been this Sunday the only participant in the return of the Barcelona half marathon (officially EDreams Mitja BCN) after the pandemic that has dropped from the competition time, by signing a magnificent time of 59.39 minutes, absolute record of the Barcelona circuit, in the 21,097 kilometers of the route. In the female category the winner was the Kenyan Tuei Sandrafelis, with a time of 1.07.12 hours, a good record, although among women it was practically an impossible challenge to improve the brand that her compatriot Florence Kiplagat set February 15, 2015 by stopping the stopwatch at 1.05.09 hours. The test involved a reorganization of traffic in the area of ​​the circuit that mainly affected city buses.

The test has become the first major popular sport event after the pandemic by bringing together almost 10,000 participants, of which 20% were women. The start of the race was at 8.30 in the morning, in front of the Ciutadella park, on the Paseo de Pujades, where the finish line was also located.

As an anecdote, two ‘hares’ left before the starting shot and were therefore later disqualified by the judges of the test.

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The squad of favorites was formed from the beginning and there were many moments during the test in which it seemed almost impossible that the circuit record would be broken since the race pace was, at times, 2 or 3 seconds above the best time. There was a good fight between Flow and Stephen the cat, which was the favorite at the start, until the Ethiopian long distance runner made an impressive change of pace in the last kilometer that he did in no less than 2.34 minutes, practically ‘flying’ over the Barcelona asphalt. And it was precisely thanks to this final sprint that the race record in the men’s category could be broken.

The first classified Spanish athlete was Ruben Palomeque, in 19th place with a time of 1.07.14 hours. In the female category, Cristina Silva, winner of the Cursa de la Mercè, arrived in tenth position with a time of 1.16.28 hours.

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